Up, Down, Back Up

52 thoughts on “Up, Down, Back Up”

  1. As always, a beautiful set of photographs ! Don’t ever worry, incidentally, that a fox might harm a cat, as many people in England seem to fear. A fox is well aware of the power of a cat’s claws, and a feral cat will automatically know what to do in case the fox starts to be naughty!
    You have done extremely well, by the way, to establish a relationship with a feral cat like Mr Blackie. Such animals are always very suspicious of humans.

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    1. Thank you, John! About that fox …. IF I read his energy correctly, he is actually a friend of Mr. Blackie’s. This cat is extraordinary in that, he has taught Karma the horse how to stretch her legs like a cat for one. When I first saw Karma stretching out first her left rear leg like a cat then her front right leg like a cat, firstly I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, then I laughed out loud! Wow! I will not be surprised in the least that Mr. Blackie communicates with this fox and he actually goes with him on his mating journeys to ensure his safety. What I am witnessing is beyond amazing!!

      And then we have what has developed between Mr. Blackie and myself. Pinch me. I’m living in a magical world and I know it.

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      1. In my limited experience, both birds and animals are a lot more developed in the talents they have than we give them credit for. At one time, the insult was “bird-brain” but we don’t hear that quite as often nowadays. After all, just their feats of migration alone provide a very sharp contrast with all the electronic aids that we seem to need, in many cases, just to get in and out of the garage!

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      2. I completely agree with you 100% and then some!! As I learn how to navigate the telepathy between myself and animals and birds and squirrels and the list goes on, I become more astonished and in awe. We have SOOOOOOO much to learn from them!! How sad so many of humankind have no respect for the wild, for animals, or for Mother at all. Thank YOU for seeing and understanding how tremendously smart and divine all creation is!!

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    1. Thank you, Tim. You having the cat family you have, pretty much have an idea what anxiety is like when things like this happen. My lesson was to accept, let go of the anxiety in order to climb back up to flow and calm. Not easy. Yet is doable. Hope you have a great day today!! xo

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  2. Wonderful that Mr Blackie came back safe and sound Amy.

    I know how that initial worrying can affect us, having been owned by several cats before.

    My Dad had the honour of being adopted by a feral Cat many years ago, that came to live with him.
    And as much as I loved cats, when I went to visit my dad, I could get no where near her, she would make it quite plain, my Dads home was his and her domain alone.

    Getting any wild animal to trust you is a wonderful gift Amy

    I am witnessing however a sort of change in wild animal behaviours, I’ve seen several wild deer lately in the distance here in the woods here in England, something i havent seen before as they come closervto humans. I wish I had one of your camera lens to focus in on them.
    But they are gone so quickly.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a telepathic conversation with ALL animals..

    I know my hubby more even than I can , seems to know exactly what our cat wants. It’s uncanny the relationship they both have, and beautiful to witness.

    I still have to learn how to curb my own anxiety when our cat decides he wants a night on the tiles, despite him being neutered. He’s still a ladies man lol 😆

    Loved the photo images and the bird that got away.
    And loved the bluish, purple streak in front of that lady walking.

    The camera often picks up much more than our eyes can see.

    Sending love ❤️ Amy 🥰😍💕

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    1. Both my husband and myself have been in awe how Mother’s Creations are communicating more clearly and that their fear of humans seem to be lessening. I too am seeing a change in both animal and bird behaviors. It is stunning to witness. To have clear thoughts and know where those thoughts came from, it makes one stop in his or her tracks saying no way. Yes way, the telepathy is really happening!

      Accepting and loving those who live within the realm of Natural, takes practice. Humans have the annoying habit of wanting things controlled their way. I have to remind my husband this and myself as well just to allow them to be who and want they want to be in that moment. To freely love without conditions is something we have not learned and some of us are now learning. And when we do, our amazement resides under the title “well blow me away!”

      When viewing this post today, my husband had to get a tissue for the tears in his eyes. He is stunned and was so moved when he saw what Mother allowed me to photograph. He kept telling me how brilliant I am with my cameras. Thank you, Hubby!

      Sending much love your way, dear friend. Thank you for stopping by to view my latest adventure in life. xoxoxo

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  3. Hi Amy, you had me riveted to the end with this post. I’m so glad Mr Blackie came home yet somehow I knew he would. It’s not always easy to let go of the worry but isn’t it amazing how, when we let go, trust and surrender, things work out for the best. Loved the spider part too. My hubby lifted one out of our van just recently!
    I love your photos and I love how brightly your spirit is shining my friend. And as I particularly love cats your post was simply puurfect! Sending you big hugs and much love. ❤️

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    1. Oh that Mr. Blackie has me wound around his little paws. Unconditional Love comprises of accepting the other fully for who he or she is. This cat is a feral cat, born to be wild to do what wild cats do. My neighbor already has brought up the neutering subject but I will make it very clear neither one of us have the right to do that to him. We do NOT own him. In reality we own NO animal.

      When we respect all of Nature, we tend to care for all creatures. I know I do and from the sounds of it so do you and your hubby. You would laugh when I garden as I work the soil with my spade or shovel doing my best not to hurt any earthworms. LOL True.

      My husband had to get a tissue when he saw my photos …. lately he said the energy he feels from them moves him and the beauty he is stunned by. Thank you, my Husband!

      I’m thrilled you so enjoyed my post, dear Miriam. I am so happy here in my Kingdom on New Earth. Sending you so much love and many HUGS!!! xoxoxoxo

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  4. It is such a beautiful feeling that trust, and more so because of where it is created. To know that we can connect where we have ever thought we can’t, allows us to go beyond ourselves so fully Amy. And you have done that in spades. Be it with Mr Blackie or Mother Nature as a whole. A lovely path has opened, just as you have. Thank you for sharing that view dear lady 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Mark, this Journey has been one that keeps unfolding in ways that leave me flabbergasted. Stunned. Amazed. Humbled. You name it! To witness how my Love is being returned to me in ways I couldn’t possibly even fathom, excites me so much. Now what else can I create? What else am I capable of? What else will I experience with these amazing Creations of Mother’s? In one of the parks I go to, people have been feeding the Chic-a-dees. They are tiny birds and one of the pictures of my birds in this post is one, the one on the branch very close to me.

      On one hand I really hope those that are in charge of this park will start posting signs to NOT feed the birds for this is a nature preserve, not a zoo. At one point, I stopped to adore the sun, face up, eyes closed, both hands palm up soaking up the warmth from the sun, and to my surprise a Chic-a-dee landed on my forefinger on my left hand. Due to me not having any seed, this bird actually bit me. I couldn’t get over how strong this tiny bird’s beak’s ability is. No my skin was not broken but IMO things are being taken too far. Nature needs to be nature and we as humans must respect the journey where these birds and animals come to trust humans on their own, not enticed with seeds. (Dozens of these birds ended up on my fingers that day!)

      Sending you much love today!!! xoxoxoxox

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      1. I think those ‘humans’ have touched that feeling you get around Mother dear lady, but in wanting more (due to their wanting of that love), they do the bird feeding thing. Understandable but so not good for the birds. Our food, even if only seed, have been chemical-ized so badly that it can affect those birds. There was a research paper done somewhere, where they found it almost wiped out a species because it thinned their eggs so much they were breaking when mom just sat on them as they naturally do. All just from thinking we are doing something good. Fine if its a drought to get them past it but otherwise, as you said, it’s not a zoo. And yes, they just all came to you because of your energy, love will do that kind lady. Much love to you also my friend xox 🤣❤️🙏🏽

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      2. Oh, Mark, it makes my heart break what man has done to food and seeds of all sorts. I do feed the birds here in my backyard and thousands do come. We make sure we buy good seed yet even with that, can we be sure they are good? And as for feeding birds in a nature preserve way not cool and I’ve got my prayers and Intentions going now in Spirit to those who are in charge to start taking action. There is now an imbalance in this park ….. just shaking my head over this. Man in general does not stop to think things through nor do they understand the boundaries of what is “right” and what is not.

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  5. What lovely images, Amy. I completely understand your fear and concern for Mr. Blackie, I too have been feeding a feral cat for a few years now. I do live in a rural area, but not near a barn, so Angel doesn’t come back daily as he used to. In the beginning when he didn’t show up I would worry and check the out the window for him daily, however now he is gone for weeks and months at a time so now I just hold him in my heart and wish a good journey for him, I am always happily surprised when he shows up for some food. I am happy for you that Mr. Blackie found his way back so you could enjoy him and his sweet nature. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. Thank you, Laura. Being trusted by wild life and then loving them, is never easy yet if we envision their safety and love them exactly for who they are, it gets easier. I understand what you go through. I AM learning to let go, to trust, and really be Mr. Blackie’s Guiding Light. It is such a privilege to be trusted by these beautiful and divine Creations and I know you do not take this lightly nor for granted. Their trust shows how open and true your heart is, for these animals would not trust a human who they know would harm them.

      Know you are special. Sending you so much love this day!! xoxoxo

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  6. You trusted your instincts and knew he would be back the next day (thanks to messenger spider.) We humans should take lessons from animals. They really ‘have it all together.’

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    1. I agree, Jennie, that we humans could learn so so much from animals, insects, birds …. the whole of the Natural Kingdom. I’m reading a book at the moment about trees and what a German biologist discovered about them. Nature to me has endless mysteries and Infinite Knowledge to teach us. Thank you for seeing “true”. xo

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  7. Gorgeous pictures, Amy. I’d love to do a haiku post with some of these soon. With the necessary credit and links of course. The trees are perfect for deep reflection, love the birds. I’m not really a cat person.🙏🏽💖🌼

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    1. Thank YOU, Jude!! I would be honored if you use my photography for your haiku post. Not all people are cat people, I get it. LOL Let me know when you do this post so can come over to see it. xoxoxo

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      1. Wow wow wow, Jude. I was astonished by what you accomplished. I am in awe!! Thank you SO much for giving my photography such acclaim. I am so very touched and grateful. Your work here is outstanding at best! Bless you!!! xoxoxo

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    1. Thank YOU, Layla! My stories I believe are becoming more poignant for I’ve had for years this absolutely incredible Sacred Connection with Mother. What has been transpiring lately blows my mind!! Much love to you! xo

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  8. You’re becoming quite the animal whisperer Amy ❤️ Love your story, full of magical inspiration and I love the beautiful scenes around your home… magical indeed! Welcome to AmyRoses part of New Earth💃🌈 Much love to you and enjoy it all… I feel you skipping again and flying high❤️

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    1. Barbara, what is transpiring is keeping me in a state of astonishment. I am amazed how I can understand these animals and how the bond we have created is so strong. I am walking in a world that is beyond comprehension. Oh yes I am living New Earth ….. very much!! My training has been ongoing for a LONG time, years worth but now I am beginning to see where all my training is leading me.

      As for my skipping, I’ve been doing so of late. I feel so elated when I’m with Mother and Her Creations. So much love to you, dear friend!! xoxo

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  9. ♥️❤️♥️ Aww. I’m so glad your sweet kitty cat returned and Mr. Spider was there to let you know everything was going to be okay. I had a frog on my mind today, with a message he sent me to share. 🐸 All your animal friends have a special connection with you and with each other. Your photos are spectacular! 🦊🐈‍⬛🕷️🐎

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    1. Luv, I have every intention of getting over to hear your story about the frog. My life involves a lot and it is one of those times. I’ll be over tomorrow. Maybe later this evening. I KNOW you want me over there. LOL I have to learn how to bilocate. (that’s being in two places at once.) LOL 😂


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