Well! My adventure did not go quite the way I had anticipated. According to the satellite images I saw, I was in for a treat at Casenovia Creek Environmental Conservation. Sadly, however, that did not happen. The trails I saw via satellite were no longer evident, and nothing as far as I could ascertain was … Continue reading Adventure?


With one eye on the clock, I was headed towards my Chiropractor’s office. If I hit green lights for the most part, I think I had a good chance getting there on time. When I saw flashing lights ahead of me after crossing a huge bridge that spanned a huge gorge, I groaned. Sure enough … Continue reading Synchronicity


Sure …. the words just came from me in my last post that stated I seem to be in a void, in the “in-between” and wouldn’t you know it, Mother’s Magic Door opened and opened in a BIG way. In two days time, I captured wildlife in a way that had me doing the Happy … Continue reading Jackpot!

My Find

On my way to buy some flowers at a Nursery yesterday, I passed this brand spanking new development which is yet to be completed, that left me not quite believing my eyes that I was seeing what I was. These are not cottages or vacation homes. No. These are year-round homes that are about five … Continue reading My Find

Mourning Dove

TA-DA! My first “official” bird image with my new Canon lens, my 100-400mm baby! ¬†Unfortunately, the 1.4x extender is not compatible with my camera so I must return it. ¬†It took a few phone calls with several customer service representatives to get to the bottom of the truth. ¬†Even they had to make a lot … Continue reading Mourning Dove

The Tease

At least I found some color …. ~~~~ And something to think about: The curse of busy-ness brings loss and death. Nothing but Love will matter when our Life ends. ~~~ Photography/ “The Tease” September 2016¬©AmyRose Continue reading The Tease


If one’s focus is on aches and pains, On “soon” “what if” “I don’t know”, That shall be one’s very existence. Empty. Void. Without substance. If one’s focus is on Gusto and Passion, On JOY and Inner Peace, That too shall be one’s very existence. Full. Adventure. Fun. Which Path is yours? –Lady Pinkrose– Continue reading Perspective