Knox Farm, October 9, 2022 Part 1

50 thoughts on “Knox Farm, October 9, 2022 Part 1”

  1. Oh Amy, this is glorious. Is mother on fire with her energy or what. As for the strange weather and nature, every two weeks for quite some months now we are getting hundreds of millimeters of rain, and flooding everywhere. For what is called a ‘sunburnt country’ and in almost constant drought, it is bizarre. Our southern state Victoria in the last two days has had 12 inches (300mm). You need a kayak to go shopping. Maybe mother is re-balancing all we have done to her over many, many years 😦
    Anyway dear lady, it is a pleasure to see her in all her beauty here. Thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Mark, SOOOOO thrilled you got such enjoyment from out of this post. Oh yes Mother is truly on fire with Her energy these days and it is lifting me high high high.

      We just got 3inches of rain and here I thought that was a lot. OH my goodness!! The amount your way is mind boggling! I do believe two things are happening …. one, Mother is balancing Herself, and two, Mother has come to the end of Her patience regarding the harm man has done to Her.

      Just this very morning I heard a Spring bird song, a Red Wing Blackbird, if I’m not mistaken, and it is so out of my place my brain is balking.

      You are very welcome for me sharing what Mother gives to me. I have many many pictures to share so me keeping comments open today was a chance encounter that yes I can do this. So far so good! GRIN! But, the day has just begun for me!!

      Sending you so much LOVE!!! Invest in a boat …. sounds like you just may need it. Stay safe!!! (((HUGS))) xoxoxox

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      1. Yes Amy, I was thinking of one of those jet ski’s or some such for this craziness down here. Maybe I should start living in a house boat just in case 🤣. And your right, mother has run out of patience. Thank you for your share dear lady, and the lovely energy mother gives you to share with us also. Anything that brings us to a smile is indeed a beautiful thing, thank you. Much love to you also kind lady xox (((HUGS))) 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  2. Beautiful Autumn colours Amy… and Loved the ones too with the paths… I especially love to see paths leading to and from woodland…
    That wooden gate, rustic and perfectly set in the centre..
    Oh to walk along your side on one of these walks…. But….. you are welcome to carry all of that photographic equipment lol…. 😉 Love that Autumn Rose too..
    Much love your way Amy.. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Sue! I know you love paths. These parks are so different in their individual personalities. Distance wise they are not far from one another …. I am truly fortunate to live where I do with so much beauty to select from. I’m so happy you stopped by to see what I see when I get to these parks. Carrying the heavy camera equipment is more than worth the effort for what Mother always gives me.

      Sending you much love this day!!! xoxo


    1. Thank you, Kamal. Yes Mother is captivating especially right now. Color is popping up so fast this year. I will be so very blessed indeed to get what I can. May your day have been full of love and peace. xo


    1. Thank you, Sheila. Apologies for the late reply. I have been having a lot of issues with WP and like others, found your comment in my spam. I’m so glad I rescued you so that I could tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed my post. My Grandmother loved roses too …. I take after her regarding her love for them. Hope you had a truly blessed weekend!! Much love to you! xo

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    1. Hi, Frank! So thrilled you stopped by for I know how much you love my Autumn pictures. I am also so glad I chose to keep my comments open so that I could talk to you,. Many more pictures are coming!!! May your have had a truly glorious day!! xo


      1. I relate, Frank. I’ve just come back to WP after a long hiatus. Take care of you first and we’ll see you when we do. Sending you much LOVE! xoxo


  3. Well mother sure knows how to shine her earthy fiery colours… so beautiful she shows herself! Surely this means she is doing her best to rebalance… sharing the extremities of warmth and beauty and cool and rain… which she manages to bring into being by speeding everything up!

    Of course we also have the Human manipulation with project HARP!

    But, love and beauty will always win, we just have to keep focused and saturate ourselves in all the glory!

    Thankyou dear Amy for taking time to capture the beauty for all of us to see❤️

    Much love to you🥰🌈🙏

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    1. Oh yes, Barbara, Mother surely does know how to shine!!! Today has been very windy and many leaves are coming down but I’m keeping the faith that no matter where I go next the leaves will be there waiting for me.

      HAARP! How many people even know? My brother who is a pilot refuses to believe those trails in the sky are chemtrails. Oh no, those are normal. Oh no the weather is not manipulated. No use in trying to bang my head on a wall. I know what I know and that’s OK with me.

      Yes yes yes …. love and beauty will win!! No doubts here!

      You are very welcome for me sharing. I LOVE to share! I wish I could share the smells and sounds and emotions along with my pictures. Perhaps one day technology will allow for this to happen.

      Much love to you as well. BIG (((HUGS)))!!! xoxoxox

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  4. Hello dear Amy, I do believe that time is indeed speeding up. Your images of Autumn are glorious and a balm for the soul. Truly Mother Nature is surpassing herself this year. Here we’re in the midst of massive rainfall and unprecedented flooding, causing all sorts of chaos and disruption. Our spring has become one of the wettest in history, it seems nothing is normal these days, either with Mother Nature’s beauty or her fury. But I believe it’s all happening divinely. Sending you lots of love my friend and thank you once again for gifting us with your beautiful photos. 🧡❤️ xx

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    1. Yes, Miriam, time does seem to be speeding up, yes indeed. THANK YOU for what you said about my images! They are balm for the soul, I agree, and even though my pictures are truly not the same as being there in person, they still hold so much power and beauty that only Mother could create.

      I’ve heard about the flooding your way. I do believe Mother is sorting Herself out. No, nothing these days is normal, even the weather and what I am seeing here. I too believe it is happening divinely and soon a day shall come when we have understanding. Until that day, we walk with faith shoes on!

      Sending you so much love as well. Stay dry and save …. I’m sure you have Divine Protection! No doubts! May this day be full of beautiful surprises and many opportunities where love is felt. xoxoxoxo

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  5. I think your penultimate photograph is the best. The composition is really good, with a fence which leads the eye to the interesting things on the right, and a hole in the fence which then leads the eye right up to the horizon. Even the clouds play their part with the dark ones taking us to meet the bright white ones and the sudden realisation that there is also a patch of blue, a sure promise that the weather is about to brighten up. My grandparents’ generation used to say it would happen if there was “enough blue to make a sailor a pair of trousers”.

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    1. John!! What a comment! Thank you! I had to look the word penultimate, having no idea what that word meant. And when I did find out I was astonished for you singled out my favorite picture of the post. Wow! The “feeling” I had at that place, the rush, is too incredible to describe. It was an absolute breath-stealing moment which had me staring as if mesmerized.

      The way you describe this one picture shows what a gifted writer you are. Incredible words!!! I didn’t even have to look for the image as you described it for I immediately thought of that exact picture even if I did not know the meaning of the penultimate word. How cool is that???

      Your comment left me humbled and amazed. I again thank you with all my heart!

      As for what your grandparents’ generation said, they did have a lot of wisdom as they were not dependent on weather reports as many are today. Loved that quote!

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  6. Absolutely stunning autumnal photos, Amy. You captured the changing colours so well. The framing to include the clouds speaks volumes too: change is here and constant, it may be dark but there is also always colour and light. It is a great effort to cover a few parks so far this season. Who knows what’s going to come around this last part of the year. Here we have just finished autumn and are in the middle of spring. It did feel like the season turned overnight here too. Take your time on here. The world and Mother is out there waiting for you. Have fun out there 😊💕

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    1. THANK YOU, Mabel! Oh I think the clouds make the pictures complete for they in themselves speak of change and drama. I LOVE how you say, “Change is here and constant, it may be dark but there is also always color and light.” Nice!!!

      When I LOVE doing something it doesn’t seem like a great effort, my friend. I have already shown one of the parks in a prior post yet my heart is calling me to again go, for the colors have greatly changed since my visit there. It all depends on the weather of course.

      Anything is possible between now and the end of the year. From what all I hear there is Great Change ahead of us. In what form I do not know. All I do know is that God has a Hand on this world and for me to trust and not waver in my faith that all of us will be all right. More than all right.

      Probably after this post, I will close comments. The weather actually was not conducive for me to be outside yesterday and today, so this worked out perfectly. Between my long hiatus from WP and now jumping into this rather hectic season of getting those images, I’ve missed conversing with people like you. (SMILE)

      Sending you so much love this day, Mabel!! Bless you for taking the time to be here. I really appreciate you!! xoxo


      1. You really do have a way with art through your photography. I absolutely love what you said, when you love doing something it doesn’t seem like great effort. I grew up conditioned to think that to be happy and successful, you had to work and it is hard. Well, I was so wrong and have come to see that it can be very easy doing something you love and be successful at it. Thank you for showing us all the way.

        It is always an honour to talk to you and be in your space, Amy. And I am sure I speak for many of us who stop by. Enjoy your time outdoors 💕

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    2. PS OH how I hope you received my comment! It is a very long one. In fact, I’m going to right now save that comment which I copied in my notes just in case you did not get it. And then, as well, I’m not receiving notifications when people answer my comments too. No idea!!


      1. Yes, I did get your comment! It went to the Spam folder and I rescued it. Very thoughtful of you to have copied and saved it to your notes. I am also having that issue, not receiving notifications when some people answer my comments on their blogs! So strange! Take care my friend 💕

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      2. Mabel, I grew up with a similar work ethic. I’m here to tell you when you learn how to flow with ALL you do, life becomes so much easier. It is a combination of changing our attitude and understanding there is an a Real Energy available to us that assists us to live our lives. Not easy to describe ….. yet I tell you it exists.


    1. THANK YOU, Rob!! Mother Nature is all mixed up, at least from what I am seeing. Like the world, not much makes sense and I don’t know now what comes next. Flying by the seat of my pants, I am doing my best to get the best Fall collection this year. Hope you had a really good weekend!!! Sending you much love!! xoxo

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  7. It has been a different autumn. I had birds building a nest in the wreath on my porch three weeks ago. I haven’t figured that out yet. Our colors are brilliant, yet the maple leaves have bright red at their fingertips as they begin to turn color. That’s new. Mother Nature always has something new. Your photos are glorious!

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    1. Yes indeed it has. I observe what the birds are doing and some of them do not make sense for their behavior is usual for Spring, not Autumn. Amazing about the nest on your wreath. Really makes you think, does it not?

      Thank you for stopping by. Mother always does have something new to the which She leaves us asking more questions than anything. At least that goes for me.

      Sending much love your way!! xo

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      1. Yes, when fall animal behavior is what spring should be, it really makes me think. Mother Nature is the wise one, even though we may not know why. Like you, I feel more questions brewing. She gives us magnificent art every day. We just need to stop and look. Best to you, Amy.

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    1. Thank you, Julie!!! I’m elated you mentioned the clouds for they in of themselves beg to be noticed. They complete the “picture” as they contribute drama and intrigue. I love composing an image filling the entire frame portraying the completion of the story aka what is the main focus. Hope you are doing well and staying dry for I’ve heard of the torrential rains in Aussie Land. Sending you so much love!!! xoxoxo


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