Play Break

Well. Now that I with great effort brought to smooth sailing two aspects of my life, another big problem popped up. Wouldn’t you know. Like I need another problem as I do another hole in my head. Depending on how things go, I have one of two options open to me with this popped problem. … Continue reading Play Break

Come Away With Me

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!   Loving Family.   The Path of Desire.   Passionate Embrace.   Cradled with Care.   Reflection of Light.   Soulmates meet.   Mother’s Conversation.   Lover’s Hideaway.   Glorious Rapture. ~~~~ Did you think of any other titles that would match these images as you viewed them? All … Continue reading Come Away With Me

Walk 2

Now knowing how time is of the essence, Hubby quickly we became enthralled in what we were doing after an initial “hiccup”. Being fully present both in our walk and what was around us, for a few moments we actually strolled hand-in-hand. Not for long however, because very soon both of our hands became occupied … Continue reading Walk 2

Until …

Until the mud slinging the hate, the rage, dissipates from WP I am choosing to be absent from Petals. We as a people must learn to put our differences aside and come together¬† for the good. Nothing will be accomplished if people continue¬† to blame and to play victim. You want change? Change you first. … Continue reading Until …

Is It Possible?

We have just gone through 18 months of witnessing a horror show leaving all of us exhausted, disgusted, and stressed. Now that it has ceased is it now possible to return to what counts … Love, family, friends regardless of the outcome today? ~~~~ Info: ¬†Canon 6D, ISO 100, F/4.5, SS 1/200s, FL 105mm Photography/ … Continue reading Is It Possible?

Kitchen Window View

The view out¬† my kitchen window steals my breath away ~~~~ Photography/ “Kitchen Window View” November 2016¬©AmyRose This is the view I saw¬†at 8:30am on November 4th from out of my kitchen window. ¬†I am not able to tell you how deeply I drank trying to imprint this picture to memory. ¬†Now all of … Continue reading Kitchen Window View


Home is where the Heart is ~~~~ Photography/ “Home” November 2016¬©AmyRose I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one to say these words. ¬†Do you see two¬†birds way high in the sky above the house? Continue reading Home

This Dream

Lost in this dream of russet colors with tears smarting the eyes knowing full well this dream ¬† ¬†comes to an end upon Mother’s next breath of cold and¬†frost and bite that replaces¬†this dream with yet another this one encased in white ~~~ Info: ¬†Canon 6D, ISO 100, F/5.6, SS 1/15s, FL 105mm, 11-1-16, 5:51pm … Continue reading This Dream

Cozy Corner

Friends, it is a really good thing I went this past weekend in my search for Fall Color. ¬†The Autumn peak is officially over. ¬†This image was taken yesterday at Chestnut Ridge County Park, one out of over one hundred images. ¬†I only caught color like this in about only three images from out of … Continue reading Cozy Corner

Wheel Of Time

The Wheel of Time stops for none as¬†with each change of the spokes Seasons come, and they go perpetual revolutions within all of Life ~~~ Photography/ “Wheel Of Time” October 2016¬©AmyRose As is most evident from the sky in this photograph, it is chilly here in WNY. ¬†This shot was taken while driving out … Continue reading Wheel Of Time

Road Of Life

Travel on the Road of Life with all its ups and downs can seem quite frankly confusing, fearsome, mad yet¬†if we upon this Road keep Beauty uppermost as our very own Entrusted Friend we can surely¬†know it true we are freely given every¬†opportunity to¬†step into our Bliss ~~~~~~ Photography/ “Road Of Life” October 2016¬©AmyRose Continue reading Road Of Life


Let go release the power to freedom ~~~ Photography/ “Release” October 2016¬©AmyRose My very dear friend, George Parker, is still in the hospital after suffering an aneurysm and stroke. ¬†Information on his original condition found here.¬† He has not awakened after the medically induced coma was discontinued. ¬†If you know George, here is the … Continue reading Release

Greedily Drink

Greedily greedily¬† my eyes do drink yellows and greens reds and golds wishing wishing that these colors would stay to keep at bay shrieks of freeze ~~~ Photography/ “Greedily Drink” October 2016¬©AmyRose ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧   Continue reading Greedily Drink