The Long Reach (8 IMAGES)

The last time I was up at Chestnut Ridge Park I began to think how to take pictures in order to capture the actual degree of incline or to bring to an image a pop, fizz, a different look.  So I began to look around with “new” eyes and began to “play” with my phone’s camera.  And with that came along the long reach approach.  The drawing above shows what I am speaking of.  Now just give me a little break because I’m not an artist with a pen.  This drawing is of me, my phone straight out at my side with my arm fully extended, twisting my body so that I can push the shutter button with my other hand (finger) .  I did it.  The pictures below prove I did.

I had yet to learn how to speak to my phone in order to take a picture without actually pressing the shutter button.

Now I thought that would be complicated so I stuck true to form for a Taurus (which I am) determined to keep pushing that shutter button.  Well, the images I began to take that day, or at least some of them, found me stretching sooooooo far, I made up my mind to learn how to use voice commands for picture taking.

To my great surprise I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  Here I was expecting complicated.  And sure I ended up feeling a bit foolish for not using this feature before now.  For you see, the command to tell my camera to take a picture is so simple, so much so a child could do it.  One either says, “shoot”, “smile”, or “cheese”.  That’s it.  When I took my very first shot saying, “shoot” and the shutter clicked, my mouth hung open.  Now wait a minute, my Canon does not have this feature so how on earth am I going to capture the actual slope degrees?  You have to angle the camera a certain way in order to do this, and I just cannot see me doing it with my heavy Canon.

Now all this got me to thinking, and that thinking is heading me down a new path.  Which is, how to take images that show exactly how steep, how high, the distance, the dimension.  If any of you are landscape photographers you know that this does not come easy and you really have to learn how to do it.  In other words how to get a 2 dimensional image to look 3D.  Or get lucky.  So …

Below are images taken at Chestnut Ridge Park with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.  Let me tell ya, when my contract is over and I actually have the opportunity to purchase another phone, I really really don’t think I will be switching to Apple.  I seriously like the way this phone of mine takes pictures.  Come October I just may turn a blind eye to the new and improved phones and just keep mine.  Please do enjoy!  My intent is to get you, the viewer, to actually feel as if you are IN that forest with me!

All of these images were taken from the trail I was hiking.  Some of the extreme pitches of slopes are what I actually hike up or down on.  Yep, for real! 😓

Photography/ “The Long Reach”/ June 2017©AmyRose


61 thoughts on “The Long Reach (8 IMAGES)

  1. The clarity of these are so amazing. I can see every leaf and twig, every piece of gravel, every shadow and sparkle of light. Your photography is like walking into a dream!

    Have you ever considered publishing a book of your photos?

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    1. Grrrrr…. I wasn’t finished! Thank you, Morgirl. You got what I strove to accomplish .. the feeling of actually being present in this Wonderland I see every time I hike at this park. Oh this excites me that i am portraying what i tealky want to! Yes I have considered publishing books. Yet my responsibilities now are many and it is sooooooooo important for me to enjoy life as much as possible. Putting a book together in this phase of my life would be too much. So I wait and will do the book adventure when the Perfect Time arises. Have a great weekend!! 💖💋💕🌹🌸🥀

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      1. Aw, Morgan, thank you! There are times I squirm and I long but then I refocus and know the work I do now is just as important if not more so then my future books. Bless you for the encouragement!! 💓

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    1. Yes I do love Nature. I feel the most connected and happy and Centered when outside. And as for the hike I do it is 7 miles of pretty rough terrain. Have a great weekend, DellaAnna. 💖🌹🌸💕

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    1. The technology blows my mind. Imagine speaking to your phone commanding it to take pictures. Whoa! And the capabilities of this Samsung camera are phenomenal! Apple has some real competition. Now this camera does not portray certain colors correctly but perhaps if I keep experimenting with the settings I can fix that. Have a great weekend, Marissa! 💖🌹🌸🥀💋

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    1. Thank you for the compliment, Dan. Yes my camera has a timer but I do not like to put that kind of pressure on myself to have to get THE perfect shot within a certain amount of time. I really am enjoying my new way of taking photographs. I used it again today and I just had to laugh. Drenched (again) in pouring rain (again) hiking my 7 miler (again) and falling in love all over again with Mother. The light (to me) is Photographer’s Heaven that I had today …. heavy clouds ready to burst with water. I LOVE being in a forest in this light. It makes everything so soft and magical. ☺️💖

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    1. Thank you, John! I agree! And that is why I am holding onto this phone. I am in awe of what I am able to do with this camera. And my mission has been accomplished if you felt you could literally walk right into my images. My intent was to get you to feel as if you were smack right next to me! ☺️💞


    1. Oh wow, you received! Thank YOU for telling me my technique really is working. I again took more images today on another hike this time focusing on depth. It’s just amazing to me that no matter how long I am behind cameras I still am learning. Have a great weekend, Jet!! 💖


    1. See? We are always learning and to me that is what makes photography fascinating. Soooooo happy you enjoyed my images, YellowCable. I’m really learning a lot and Love to share what I’m learning. 😁💕

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    1. 😂😂😂 Yeah I know the feeling on stupid. Oh yeah. All this time and here I thought it would be complicated. Oh this is too funny! And I am sooooooo happy you enjoyed my photos!! 🤣💕🥀

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  2. Amazing images all round, Amy. Good to hear you learnt how to use the voice control function on the camera and you don’t have to stretch so much anymore 😀 Cute drawing, by the way. So happy to hear that the S6 phone is turning out to be a great phone for you. I use the S7 – at first I didn’t want to upgrade to it but I am so glad I did because the camera is amazing and so is the rest of the phone. Hope you get to go out again and take more photos soon. This looked like a steep trail but sounds like you are strong enough for it 😀 ❤ ❤

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    1. Mabel, is there a big difference between the two phones? I really like the way my S6 is taking pictures and I just don’t want that changed. What do you like about your phone? Does it have the same picture taking capabilities as the S6? 🌹🎀💖


      1. The only time I handled the S6 was when I was deciding between buying it and the S7. The main difference between the two phones is that the S6 doesn’t let you put in a micro SD card. In the end I chose the S7, which hurt the wallet a bit more.

        The S7 camera is amazing with photos in the day time. Apparently if you read around, it’s image sensor is capable of capturing more light – so it does a bit better in dimmer conditions. To me, I like how the S7 focuses – and you can manually tap on the screen to focus on certain areas. I used it to take some videos at a concert and the sound quality was excellent, and overall the video was quite crisp given the dark stadium, lol.

        Maybe if you are thinking of an upgrade at some point, play around with an S7 in the shop 😀 I’ve had a look at the S8 and I’m passing on that (screen too curved for my liking)…will probably hold out until S10 😀 Good luck ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. Thank you, Mabel, for taking the time to explain. I will compare my phone with others before I make a final decision. I am just so happy with the phone’s camera I have now and my philosophy is if it’s not broken don’t fix it. 😏

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    1. Thank you, Banji. I made a mistake as my math brain has become mushy. 😬 I should have said 90° not 45°. Falling asleep one night I realized oops I made a mistake. And so it is. I just proved I make mistakes. 🤓😁💖

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