The Definition of Courage

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  1. Not only beautiful thoughts, but you also caused me to check my list of future ideas for a beach walk. I can now say that Courage is on the list. Thank you.

    Ice storms are a conundrum because they are both dangerous and beautiful. Courage in nature dealing with the winter to spring transition is an excellent thought. I’ll also add strength because when I think the plants are down and out, they demonstrate their strength by surviving. That’s quite the adaptation.

    Oh …. love the rays of light in the video!

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    1. Frank, I am so touched by your comment. I’ve been given high praise coming from you. Thank you! When I saw how valiant these flowers are and the tree buds are all I could think of how courageous they are!

      Yes on the dangers with an ice storm. Hubby fell and thank Goodness he is OK. I’ve been walking with ice cleats on my footwear. Today however temps are warming.

      I am thrilled not only about your heart centered comment, but the fact how much you enjoyed this post. Bless you!! xoxoxo


    1. Thank you, Tim. Those hundreds of females mean they are bout ready to fly this way. YAY!! I wonder how the Red-winged Blackbird scouts communicate to those left behind as to when to begin the migration? I find birds absolutely fascinating!! They are extremely intelligent!

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  2. Amy, your gorgeous photos capture the essence of winter, as winter captures nature in ice. “Every year around this present-day Seasonal Change, I witness the Divine Struggle between Winter and Spring.” I adore the way you describe the seasonal shifts as a Dance and Definition of Courage. This wise and wonderful post epitomizes the life-cycles of nature and humankind. Much love and many blessings to you! ♥️❤️♥️

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    1. Thank you, Avigail. Thank you. I am very touched you saw the wisdom within this post. If we but look and observe all of life inclusive of Mother Nature as our
      Teachers and which hold our reflections as to who we are and how far we have come on our Journeys, we will benefit. Sending much love to you this day!! xoxoxo

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  3. Oh Amy. these are so beautiful. The crystalline light in it all just highlights and reflects the beauty coming through the ice. And I’m assuming that the orange clusters is another type of bud coming though as well. Mother is indeed a creator in more ways than one. I’m just stunned that something so delicate can handle such hard conditions. And I saw tiny flashes in your video, either very fine crystals or you did indeed have mothers helpers all around that view. Thank you for sharing your love and light kind lady, it started my day beautifully xox 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Oh, Mark! You’ve got my little girl dancing with glee!! What fun we have when we step into the kids’ world. I’m still amazed by the magic I have recently witnessed. I’m not sure what orange clusters you are referring to but I THINK it is a leaf. These purple flowers are teeny tiny starts of flowers, my friend, no bigger than a sliver. TINY! That crocus standing straight up under that heavy weight of ice left my mouth hanging wide open. How did she NOT stoop or not get bent? As for that video this I will tell you that ought to get the goosebumps going.

      I shot two videos. The first one I spoke and it was annoying. It took away from the glory before me. So I shot another video this time in the state of Deep Gratitude and it was not until I whispered my Light Language prayer that those glittery lights appeared. There were none on the first no matter how many times I played it. Yep, for real. So whatever those glints were in the air which also moved I do not know. I do know that due to having my attitude in a very high state of Mind, I was reaching probably 5D. I also know that because of the state I was in, they “knew” it and so connected with me. This tells me those lights have consciousness. Oh yeah, I’m sure! I’m stunned by all that is transpiring.

      I am thrilled you saw those flashes!! Hubby did too and he was wowed over, not an easy feat. LOL We’ve both been going over and over again that video. No answers. Just utter amazement!!!

      You and a woman made my day today, Mark. Thank YOU!!! I AM so grateful for the Path set out before me. Sending you so much love!!! xoxoxox

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      1. It is all amazing dear lady, you were released into a beautiful world. And the image I referred to was the orange, yellow clusters immediately before your video. And yes, incredible colors there and the lovely purple/yellow of another flower higher up. It is an incredible thing to see them under such harsh circumstances beat the odds as only nature can do dear lady xox 😀❤️🙏🏽

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      2. Sorry I should have explained. Those are Maple Tree buds getting ready to sprout leaves. This group supported a heart in the middle and that is what caught my eye. We had several very large limbs come down due to the ice so I was thrilled to see these buds intact. When one is determined to find beauty amongst violence and harm, that one does find beauty. As I. SMILE!!! xoxo

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  4. Your picture 5 is wonderful.
    It looks exactly like the hand of a drowning man, but we all know that that hand is the Green Hand of Spring and will eventually get the better of all those torrents of winter ice.

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    1. Oh yes, John, Spring is being insistent it is Her turn yet Winter is really fighting back. More ugly weather coming our way but Red-winged Blackbirds today showing their Spring colors. I asked the one I saw, “So what do YOU know we don’t?” I also heard a Robin but did not see her. Spring signs are very early this year yet my “money” is on what the birds are saying and doing. Oh yeah, Winter, you’re done for now! LOL

      Loved your description of image #5. Thank you.

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  5. Oh wow…. I think Amy your words here were Divinely inspired my friend… So loved your narrative..

    “His Glacial Grip while Spring in all Her Feminine Valor firmly tells Winter move on for I AM HERE. ”

    Wow!….. And yes these tiny buds that push through our frozen earth do indeed hold courage as they push their way through the dark and cold to rise to the Sunlight and warmth Spring holds…

    Winter indeed can hold harsh lessons yet these Spring flowers and buds battle on through pushing against all odds..
    Reminding us so much of the courage and the steadfastness we humans need to hold as we push on through our own dark moments in time.. Knowing that there is Light above, and Love to guide us as we emerge out of the shadows into the Light..

    I loved each and every one of your special photos Amy… and your video is beautiful I see the sun rays spring to the left and the blue rays of the sunspot glistening… I also see the dark shadow of what could be a bird to the top left on your video, but it seemed to appear as if out of thin air…
    Magical indeed.. and I loved your whispered Light Language..

    Many do not understand Light language… You don’t have to understand it… You just have to feel it and speak that which you are inspired to speak… For Light and Sound are frequencies and as we are each evolving… Light Language is something special and a gift..
    You hold a gift of something very special in that you capture Mother’s Heart… And you always capture my own heart with your beautiful nature images Amy..

    Thank you so very much for these gifts you share ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Sue, I really want to thank you for taking the time (3 minutes for the reading, a little over 1 minute for the video, and however long you took to view my images) to do this post justice. Yes, my words again were Divinely inspired. Bless you for noticing.

      To witness how Nature insists on living fully disregarding the harsh conditions that many times are present, should be a lesson for all of us. I know it is for me. Do not fear what you know in your heart is meant to be.

      Agreed many do not know what Light Language is and what others don’t understand usually brings fear. It is a Divine Connection that brings utterance in such a way that only frequency is known. That is the only way I can even at best describe what happens when I break out in prayer, utterance, or song. I am beginning to “think” this language is one from Lemuria. There are different languages that come through to the which I do not know beforehand what will be coming through. It just does.

      I’m touched, dear friend, that my pictures and words touched your heart for that is what they are meant to do. The Magic that I see and experience is in a world I didn’t even know existed. Oh it exists all right and I bring here proof that it does.

      Sending you so much love this day!! xoxoxox

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      1. I feel Amy while many not understand or even comprehend Light Language, it is something that many who are aware of higher energies, are now finding their higher selves accessing as a natural connection, as we embrace the new energies which are now pulsating within our Earth’s Grid.
        Sound is after all Creation… ( In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God ) …. What is word, but not sound, and what is sound, but Vibration.. and what is vibration, a Frequency.. and we all resonate at a certain frequency, which is now if people look to the Schumann Resonance… Vibrating at a higher rate than ever before as we each lift our light, love, energy on this planet..

        Amy what you do with your photos and your light language and your Love is lifting not only yourself.. But you lift all who come to share the Joy in what you are seeing and witnessing..

        Thank you for lifting vibrations… and sharing LOVE..

        Much love.. Sue x ❤

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    1. Yes, Jennie, those tiny flowers are the definition of courage. How many of us can say we would show that much courage under those extreme circumstances? Thank you on my photos! My heart is in them! Much love to you! xo

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  6. Hello my dear friend, it sounds as though your winter has been an intense one, just as our summer was. I’m always in awe at how resilient Nature is and how she will grow and thrive in the harshest of conditions. Your photos are exquisite Amy and truly capture the magic of the season. I saw the rays of light in the video, just wow! Loved your post. And love you dear friend. Keep sharing the magic, it inspires me. Sending big hugs and much love across the ocean, ❤️🙏🏻 xx

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    1. I love you too, Miriam. Sharing the magic to inspire is my goal yet so few actually see or hear. A part of me just wants to quit at times yet when my heart tugs for me to inspire, inspire I shall and add a dose of magic and truth along with that inspiration. A day shall arrive when more ears are open as well as eyes along with hearts. I just keeping telling myself, it’s not up to me how others interpret what I have to show them.

      So glad you stopped by. Sending you so much love ….. hang on for March is going to be quite a month! Here we go, my friend. To the stars and back!! (((HUGS)))!!! xo

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      1. Don’t ever quit Amy for you have a gift, a special gift, and one that brings great joy. Follow your heart and the rest, the others, will follow in their own sweet time. Yes, I feel March is going to keep propelling us all forward. To the stars and back indeed dear friend. Mega hugs always xxx ❤️✨

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    1. Aw, thank you, Cathy!! My heart is really in these images ….. they reflect so much of my life especially the past. I am who I am due to all those struggles and hardships. I admire these Crocuses so much! Sending you so much love!! xo

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    1. Pragalba! Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!! I missed you, so when I saw you last evening in my notifications I just about did cartwheels. I know I too was MIA for a while yet I had to follow where my Journey was taking me. Now I AM back and what is transpiring brings total astonishment by what I am creating.

      What JOY to know you are back on WP!! Yes I will come over of course to see what brought you back. Keep in mind, dear friend, my life both here and in person, has become very full. I do look forward to our conversations which have always stimulated me when I arrive at that place today. Sending you SO much love this day! BIG (((HUGS)))!!! xoxo

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      1. Oh the Joy dearest Amy!! I feel the biggest hug from you – that I am deeply grateful for. Yes I had to do exactly that – follow Life as it wanted to take me on the journey – it is beyond astonishing yes, what is transpiring, only You can fathom the idea of it. I feel no capacity to express it and trust you to bring it out the way you do. I totally understand and feel the same – the days and life feels very full, and I need a lot of space to process – I question my sanity over any added choice with time and then let go to the flow. Infinite Love to you.

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