Along The Path

Hubby took me for a walk in Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park on Mother’s Day with not only my camera on my person, but his camera on his as well. About where I shot this picture and down a bit, we bumped into a man with a monopod slung over his shoulder with his Canon … Continue reading Along The Path


What drama! ¬†The sort I could do without! ¬†This week has been one of those weeks that left me not even knowing my name. ¬†Or to the effects thereof. Our 16-year old Bella had an episode late Monday which left her unable to walk correctly, staggering and actually dragging her legs. ¬†This episode was the … Continue reading Drama!

The Cable Connector

Seeing this picture, you probably asked, what in the world? ¬†This is not¬†the usual for Amy. ¬†LOL ¬†Now just hold on because a beautiful post is about to unfold right before your eyes all centered around a cable connector. ¬†That is what this picture is for those of you who don’t frequent a gym. ¬†This … Continue reading The Cable Connector

When From Love

Yesterday I agreed to go someplace with Hubby, even though I told him I did not wish to. ¬†Earlier, however, he stated that he wanted to go but that he did not feel comfortable going without me. Instead of a tug of war, “I don’t want to go”, “I do want to go but …,” … Continue reading When From Love

Cat And Mouse

Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck* ….. wait a minute! ¬†That’s not right! ¬†That’s not how this¬†story goes. ¬†The mouse ran up the screen door. ¬†No rhyme here but nonetheless it’s true. ¬†Shall I now start from the beginning of this tale? I had just fallen asleep when Hubby … Continue reading Cat And Mouse


What had been buried deep below, the Light now reveals¬† ¬†when the growth above the murky Truth topples over making Way for Love ~~~ “Do you forgive me, Mom?” “There is nothing to forgive, Amy.” ~~~ Words spoken, broke two generations of pain. ¬†In a mere few seconds, [dark] Karma came undone because Unconditional Love … Continue reading Karma


This was no joke. ¬†My heart was pounding in avid fear. ¬†And there was nothing I could do to change that fact. With one eye in my rear view mirror, to my absolute horror I saw behind me the driver of a huge black F-250 pick-up truck wearing black shades and looking straight down at … Continue reading Fear


Self-Realization comes with it Wisdom accrued with age as the one who realizes on the Self-Realization Path what was thought to be known is not quite known after all ~~~~~ Photography/ “Self-Realization”/ February 2017¬©AmyRose The colors in the skies lately¬†have been mouth dropping spectacular! ¬†I took this image from¬†my kitchen window looking at our … Continue reading Self-Realization