My World

I do not live in a world of lies, manipulation, greed, corruption, power, or evil. Rather I live in a world of beauty, love, peace, laughter, light, and fun. There I create to my heart’s content freely and with childlike glee anything I wish my life to be. ~~~~ And so it is! ~~~ My … Continue reading My World


Many may ask where is God in this world gone mad? My answers to those who do not see …   In the sunlit grasses swaying in the wind   In the innocence of a sleeping cat   Ready to meet you on the Rocky Road   Found in the golden silence of the trees … Continue reading Where?


“Generosity, morality, respect, service, ¬†….. meditation — these are actions for the good. Each one is a practice¬†that can be cultivated and further¬†refined, becoming the causes for our own happiness and the happiness of others. These acts for the good become our gift to the world.” Joseph Goldstein This is my third attempt to write … Continue reading Awareness

Choose Happy

I laid the law down. ¬†Firmly. ¬†Without ¬†rancor or anger I spoke softly. ¬†“This Christmas if I can do it so can you.” ¬†So on I went face-to-face with hubby. ¬†This Christmas no depression, no blues, no hiding. ¬†This year it will be smiles and having a good day! Friends, if you are not married … Continue reading Choose Happy


Even in this jagged pain I still have a choice to see Beauty Blessed ~~~~ As I’ve acknowledged to some friends, the past few days have been very tough for me as I contended with hand-to-hand combat with my inner torment. ¬†Every aspect of my life is so tightly woven together that no matter what … Continue reading Choices


With Life comes change sometimes so fast so furious we end up on our behinds in chaos, confusion, in pain. Life has no guarantees with no written manual thus leaving us groping blindly in the dark. When these changes come we have a few choices … … we always do … We can fight them … Continue reading Change


Mother, I turn to you for¬†help during these troubling times so that I may always keep my eyes on Beauty deep and not on ugly slime. Come to me and take my hand bring Solace to my Soul and Peace to my weary Heart as my Spirit merges with Yours so you and I again … Continue reading Beauty!


When a big phase of Life¬†closes with finality and you feel at loose ends not knowing quite what to do, continue your Life¬†as best you can holding a firm resolution¬†tucked away in your Heart truly something wonderful¬†will come along to fill ¬†that great empty void¬†in your Life. And when It does come¬†Joy and Contentment shall … Continue reading Faith

Do Not Give Up

Well. ¬†Well. ¬†Well. I’ve been proven a liar. I would have sworn I was preparing for another loss. ¬†Yet, that did not stop me from researching Homeopathy to find a remedy that¬†may¬†improve Karma’s condition. Saturday. ¬†I came to a firm decision to make an appointment with the in-home Veterinarian who performs euthanasia. ¬†Just by the … Continue reading Do Not Give Up

Face A Place

When you face a place you know without doubt will lead to Heart break you have two choices. You can either succumb to depression and despair or you can accept what is with a Calm and Peaceful Heart. ~~~~~~ No digital art. ¬†Photograph seen as captured. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Face A Place” July2016¬©AmyRose … Continue reading Face A Place


Too many fear the Genius within for by acknowledging It clarification would be known the difference seen with Genius no longer hidden thus making It stand out loud and clear from the rest of the sheeple of this world. ~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Genius” 2016¬©AmyRose *I am doing my best to get back into … Continue reading Genius

Play Fear Away

To my great dismay I have been seeing a lot of fear prevalent in too many people.¬† Those that I speak of in this post are by far not the only ones, for if I wrote regarding all the fear I have witnessed, I’d be writing for a very long time. One day recently as … Continue reading Play Fear Away

Two Choices

When the best laid plans go awry, and OH believe me they do! … We have two choices to be made. őě One, we can carry on making ourselves miserable along with all those around us … őě Or we can accept was IS in the present NOW as we do our very best staying … Continue reading Two Choices

Sometimes …

Sometimes in Life, our Path will have gullies and obstacles laying in the way. The Brave of Heart do not stop and freeze in their tracks at the mere sight of these things. No. The Brave of Heart climb into that gully, cross it, climb over any obstacle that lay before them, and continue walking … Continue reading Sometimes …

Life Or Death


8pm EST

Friends, it has been one very challenging day. This morning, Rusty’s paw started to turn purple (necrotic) with lines of purple going up his leg. Back to our Vet we went this morning, and everything possible was done. He has severe Cellulitis, and if it doesn’t respond to antibiotics, fluid pushes, anti-inflammatory meds, Epson-Salt soaks, and Homeopathy, we will loose our precious Rusty.

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The Choice is Ours (6 MACROS)

This post is for you, Michelle. This is my way of saying thank you for trusting me with your Heart. I hope this post really assists you. ( And, for ALL of you who are struggling right now, may this post Bless you, too.

05 20 14_2683_1
With our every thought
we create life or death.

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Family OH BOY!

OH! You do not know how I wish WISH that those who I desire to hear what I am about to write, will read my words. But, the chance of that happening is about zilch to zero. (sigh)

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I Am Here for You, Dear One (6 Images)

A lot of the time we turn on the television, [computer MY WORD], we read novels, we make phone calls–just to keep pain from making its appearance in our “living room.”


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Going Up

When one hits bottom, there is no other way then to go up. ~The Rose~ Photography/Writing ¬©Amy Rose (I know I spelled photography wrong on the photo. I caught it after I posted the picture. I hmmmed and I hawwed. Should I leave it, or edit it again? I opted to leave it, because I … Continue reading Going Up


Choose wisely in all you do. Follow the Call of your Heart. By Loving what you do with eyes only on this, success shall appear when the time comes. ~Amy~ Photography/Poetry ©Amy Skalski Continue reading Choices