The Waters (5 IMAGES)

The Waters of Absolute Clarity freely given by Altruistic Purity ~~~ Run their assured course with no necessary force ~~~ Existing deep within me and the same within thee ~~~ If we but become aware of this esoteric propriety ~~~ Our Journey becomes precious and rare Guaranteeing Love forever to keep ~~~~ MF Macro Photography … Continue reading The Waters (5 IMAGES)

Fairy Flutter

I saw my friend from Gone-So-Long fluttering in mid-flight and when Her eyes caressed¬†my face She¬†blossomed¬†in¬†delight With¬†Smile and Song She offered me¬† Her Sacred Cherry Bong … beckoning¬†Bliss¬†to both of us ¬†our Heavenly Fate of Long ~~~~ MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Fairy Flutter”/May 2017¬©AmyRose I’d like to know how many of you had some … Continue reading Fairy Flutter


The Glorious Color shouts to all the past is no more ~~~~~ The Majestic Design guides us how to reconstruct our lives ~~~~ The Light¬†of life says “past goodbye” enticing¬†Now to us ~~~~ For those of you who live tormented because of the Ghosts of Past, it is your choice right now to finally let … Continue reading LIVE! (3 IMAGES)