The Promise

The Promise
of color
of wonder
of beauty
yet to come
all yes all
for you and for me

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “The Promise”/April 2017©AmyRose

These flowers are what are called Hyacinths, an early Spring flower that smell so deliciously sweet and are attracting white butterflies right now.  These are actually not in my garden but reside in my neighbor’s garden.  She has gotten used to seeing me crawling in her gardens to capture wonderful delights.

Today I am going to get my hair styled in a professional salon and Friday I experiment with the color going for a golden blond with (I think!) one tiny highlight of a fashion bright deep pink in my bangs.  Do I dare?  I have yet to sum up the courage to do my entire head in bright highlights soooooooo ….. a trial run I believe I can do with one tiny highlight in my bangs.

As for our weather, well, gee, those forecasters again did not get it right.  Last I heard it was supposed to be sunny here all week long but today it is very wet and raining.  Huh. Again they are wrong.  Around here when we get a sunny day, as I told hubby yesterday, we have to grab it and run so we can address what needs to be addressed on our property.  There are some patches of our grass that are so high we are going to need a sickle to cut it.  Not my problem.  That’s hubby’s area of expertise.  I have enough to do in my gardens, thank you!

Have a great day, dear friends.  Again comments will be closed.  Yes I am feeling stronger and my cats, thank goodness have been stable and happy.  We’ve had a few hiccups to attend to but we managed to (hubby really) to diagnose properly and give the correct remedy.  Folks, I can breathe again.  My family is happy.  And I am regaining my normal strong vitality back!  Life is good!

❤ ❤ ❤

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