Green (2 IMAGES)

That color green.
How does that saying go?
Oh yeah, it got drummed home.
It’s always greener
on the other side
of the fence …
or so it seems.


Holding my head in my hands my Heart could be found down around my toes.  How foolish I felt and again just flat out disappointed.  Perfection I sought (yeah, right!).  Recognition too for what I represent (gotta quit that!).  And of course, neither happened.


Two days ago I decided to consult with another Vet to possibly see if this animal hospital “felt right” to me.  The moment I walked in I felt emptiness, coldness, a hollowness.  I knew in that exact moment I was in trouble.  And sure enough during the entire conversation with this Vet, there was barely a ripple of emotional interaction.  Conversation did not flow easily and by the time I left I was completely drained.

Hours later, as I laid spent on my couch, it dawned on me why I felt and experienced what I did.  My Spirit had felt no Light at this place.  Ew, that to me is pretty nasty.

I questioned then why (that pesky word that inhabits my vocabulary a lot) did my Inner Guidance lead me to this place.  Doubt assaulted me cruelly.  Could my Inner Compass be somehow off, broken even?  While sitting with my head in my hands feeling foolish I said, “No, this is not about my Inner Guidance at all. It just can’t be. This is about my straying eyes thinking it is greener on the other side of the fence.”

Sure, I was upset with our present Vet due to some recent events.  That being said, there are a lot of aspects of that animal hospital that are really good.  Weighing the pros with the cons, I decided the pros won out.

And more importantly, I do feel Light at the animal hospital I go to now.  That above all else is an absolute must in my book when I associate with someone.

To complete this tale, I am taking the advice a very good friend of mine once told me.  Don’t throw out the baby with the baby water.  In other words, use what works for me from traditional medicine and give credit where credit is due.  That entails a lot of self teaching in order to understand what does work and what does not.  Much is trial and error, lessons learned the hard way, and learning as I go.  I just am so grateful that the upsets we’ve encountered lately did not do anyone lasting harm or take a life.

Life is not always greener on the other side of the fence.  In fact, it usually is not.  Come to think of it, the grass is greener where you water it.  (Thank you, Michelle.)

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Green”/April 2017©AmyRose

Picture is of Sugar Maple Tree leaf buds.
Happy Weekend, dear friends.

From me, the new 60 as of yesterday.

❤ ❤ ❤

52 thoughts on “Green (2 IMAGES)

  1. Beautiful green photo (And you, too)! Between challenges with doctors and veterinarians, I can absolutely relate to your challenges. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find the level of reason, compassion, and LIGHT that you talk about. Alas.

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    1. Heather, if I spoke of everything I have been through with the medical field, you honestly would not believe it. The challenges as you mentioned seem never ending, and it just scares me knowing there does come a time when I must trust our Vet and our doctor. The incentive to work hard to maintain health in both myself and hubby and our cats is a high one. Much Love to you this day!! ❤

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  2. The silver lining is that you could ‘see’ what was there. Which also means you can ‘see’ your heart ❤
    Looking good Amy, your recent journey has 'lightened' your load. Yes, you may be still feeling it, but it will change the love within regardless 😀
    I'd try those colors myself…but…my 2mm crew cut would not do it justice 😀

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    1. Next colors will be bright pink. This is magenta. Being that the color is only semipermanent they remain only for about one week. I will not be washing my hair unless I absolutely have to. As for the lightness, yes, I am getting there. Still rumbles here and there, resistance too, but my “seeing” has deepened. A lot. Much Love to you this day, dear friend. ❤

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  3. I think we all do have the habit once in a while about grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I guess that born out of hope to get better for whatever the condition is. You are right to step back and weight things out. I hope your cat get better for anyway you decided.

    Very nice green pictures 🙂

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    1. It’s just so hard to really find medical assistance that I trust. We’ve been so hurt in the past. I really am doing my best and work so hard to keep our cats healthy. Thank you regarding my picture. I thought it quite beautiful. 💖

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  4. Some places go out of their way to attract customers by presenting an image that isn’t true. I recently switched health insurance companies because I hard good things about a new option. Last week, I had to deal with them, and they were positively rude. The grass often only looks greener on the other side. I’m glad you took the time to check it out, Amy. It sounds like you’re going to be happier. Great photo! Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. The entire health industry is such a wreck, Dan. It is so hard to find good people in the ocean of floating refuse. The Vet we have now is most likely the best we will find so when problems occur honest conversation I must have with them. I’m gonna try to pave the way with niceness which I’ve begun now. No one has all the answers yet there is no call to be rude or cold. Sorry you had the experience you did. You’re only doing your best to make sure your family gets the best health coverage. It’s a jungle out there! 🤔

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  5. First of all, Happy Birthday yesterday, again 😀 ❤
    Beautiful green photo and you are looking amazing with your new hair, Amy ❤
    It would be so great, if it was possible to divorce both doctors and vets from the pharmaceutical industrial way of working. These factories are feeding both our doctors and our vets in a not good way either for us or for our precious animals.
    I'm glad to hear, that you used your inner voice, while you visited this new vet hospital. Some of them do also have a very bad reputation. When I have moved town or country, I use to search online for vets with good reputation. After that I search for bad critic to be sure, before I visit a new one first time. I'm very satisfied with the vet, as I have here.
    Wish you a beautiful weekend, dear friend ❤

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    1. Thank you, Irene, (again) for the birthday wishes. I do agree with you what you said about Big Pharma and you can add on to that the insurance companies as well. In speaking to the Vet I spoke with, her contribution mostly to the conversation were words based on fear. Anyways, the Vet hospital we do go to now, to a great extent work with us in many regards. Those areas that I am uncomfortable with them (euthanasia for example) I have chosen to have an in-home euthanasia Vet come to our home. I am very knowledgable (yet the more I know the more I know I don’t know) in healing and I refuse to give my brain’s ability over to technology or those in this world who demand to do my thinking for me. No! I remain who I am to ensure my family gets the best health assistance.
      Wishing you a great weekend too!! (((HUGS))) ❤

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      1. Thank you Amy. Good to see, that you do know, what you wish for a vet. Here I don’t have any challenges with insurance, because I pay all by myself. First of all, only few countries wish to give cats insurance after 5-8 years old. Then they start to cost money at the vet and for them, so they just avoid that. It was like this in Denmark, why I never have had any insurance at my cats.I haven’t heard about other kind of insurance for dogs here, that the one, who protect if the dog do a damage to anyone. Nothing about illness insurances.
        We need to be the ones, who take care of our precious families, dear friend.
        Big hugs back to you ❤

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      2. Sorry, Irene, I was referring to people medicine when I was talking about insurance. We pay out of pocket for our cats too. I was watching a documentary yesterday which showed how manipulating insurance companies are, forcing doctors to practice in a certain way. Grrrrr …. And it just keeps going ….

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  6. A very happy birthday to you, Amy!
    I had the same doctor for 30 years and one of the things I loved about him was that he understood that lifestyle changes could impact our health and he wasn’t always writing scrips. That always gave me the light feeling in his office. When adding specific foods, spices, herbs, when restricting others can help, he always let me try that route first. Modern medicine is AMAZING, but traditional medicine does have value. It’s always a search for the best thing for the individual.

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    1. Joey, thank you for the birthday wishes! I was referring to modern medicine which I unfortunately have a lot of bad experiences with. I’m an RN and I feel so strongly about what I do I will never practice as an RN again unless I see huge changes in medicine. My GP thank goodness has stopped pushing tests and vaccines on me and just deals with my current status. I respect him for doing that. Consider yourself fortunate to have a good doctor and for having good experiences. You are definitely blessed. 💖

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  7. Dear Amy,

    Lovely the lady
    With pink on
    Her mind, best
    Cat mother of
    The Year Award
    This time. It’s
    Precious, it’s love, and
    Filled with your
    Heart, which twas
    True. True from the start.

    Happy Birthday, dear beautiful Amy! _Resa ❤

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    1. Aw, Resa! This is beautiful! You’re a poet and a photographer! My goodness, how Gifted you are! I take your words to Heart and carry them with me like the precious Present they are. Thank you so much, dear friend, for making my birthday a really special one. Still having trouble believing I now have arrived in the 6 zone. LOL ❤


  8. So much light in this post, Amy, for your birthday (Hope it was a happy one), for the light of discovery with your vet, and the new light in your hair color…all is lovely ! Find that lightness of spirit to go along with it all, and you will be complete. With much love, Van

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    1. Thank you, Van! I had one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a very long time! That lightness of spirit you speak of is slowly emerging as I yet still am handling some pretty sick ones here. Wishing the rainy and cool would pass so I can get out with my cam to have some Bliss. Colors galore coming next post when the opportunity presented itself to get out with my cam. Our Spring is making up for last year’s Spring when we had no rain. Yep, Mother is balancing Herself. All is good! 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you, Michael. Making a “new way” and dealing with the “old” is very tough at times. I have Faith more people will wise up and see the “old” is not working and we do need “new”. Much Love to you! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Julie, for the birthday wishes. I’m having fun with this hint of pink. 😜 It’s not so much that I am happier with our Vets, but I now see what else is out there. I’m just very grateful our Vets do work with us in many ways. No one is perfect that is for sure so with that said I just must be even more aware and vigilant. HUGS BACK! 💞

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  9. Happy Belated Birthday Amy.. we are close.. Very close in days. 🙂 lol.. And yes often we think the grass is greener.. Good to see you working it all through your intuition my friend.. And LOVE your new hair colour.. you look fabulous. ❤ ..
    Sorry a bit late.. But I was taking a B'day break too. 🙂

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    1. Happy Belated Birthday right back at you, Sue! 💝💝💝 And thank you about the “fab” comment. That pink was only semipermanent and already is almost gone. That’s OK. It was fun while it lasted. 😎

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