Heart Speaks Truth (8 MACROS)

Hi, Friends. Please take your time with this post, because it is a thinker. Really look closely at the photos I chose to match the words with to understand the deeper meaning of the words. If you take the time to do so, I believe you will come away from this post, with such an incredible deep feeling of awe.

I took these photos without forethought, with no thought at all about this post. Again, I found myself just in the Moment, looking for Treasure. I know I was guided to take these photos, for they depict the words so perfectly, leaving me with my mouth hanging open, *pinch me*, regarding what transpired. Every single photograph taken, in my opinion, was specifically chosen by Source for this post. There is no other explanation how the photographs I took yesterday match perfectly the words I was given earlier that same day.

I am taking the weekend off, so my next post will be on Monday. I Love you, and I pray that ears hear these words and Hearts do speak.

(((HUGS))) Amy


05 22 14_2996_2
When we cease to lean
on man’s interpretation
of God’s Voice
05 22 14_2997_1
turning inward instead,
to that Voice found within
our Heart
05 22 14_2979_3
our eyes will open
our ears as well
05 22 14_2983_4
so that we can follow that Voice
to free us
05 21 14_3021_5
from the deceptions of this world.
05 22 14_2939_6
Thus we will come to know
there is no separation
05 22 14_2959
none at all
‘tween we and God,
05 22 14_2975_7
for it is God who lives
within our Heart.
And that’s the Truth.
I leave you with a question.
How did I get perfect shots,
no blurring,
on a very breezy day?

Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose

[Hand held on breezy day]

132 thoughts on “Heart Speaks Truth (8 MACROS)

  1. really enjoyed this – and the words preceding the images did help me to pause and take my time – and how cool – to get the clear shots on this breezy day – what a heart warming and inspiring post. enjoyed this ❤

    and I am not sure how many of your past posts I can explore, but as time allows I am going to try and peak back in and soak some up – because there is much richness to be found here.
    peace –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Y, I am completely humbled and honored by your words. Thank you. I spend so much of my time in the present Now, focused on the work I am doing now with my photography and the words I “hear”, reaching out to others as I do here, and at other’s blogs, that I do not often look back. Funny that you are doing just that, because my first year anniversary is coming up finding me going back to examine and read some of my earlier work. My beginnings were very bare indeed, not good in my honest opinion of today. Yet, it is because of people who trusted in me and encouraged me here at Petals that I grew into what I now do today. In looking back I am in total awe of how far I have come. Where will I be next year a year from now? If I have improved as vastly as I have this past year, how much further will I go this coming year at Petals? I really am in absolute amazment at myself. Please do enjoy my work, and allow the “Voice” that writes through me, touch you within your Heart in Love and in Truth and in Peace. With Love, Amy


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