Seeing (4 MACROS)

Azalea Flower Bud
The more you learn how to see

05 18 14_2893_2

that which is not easily seen

05 16 14_2581_4

the easier it becomes to see

05 20 14_2695_3

making your world one of glee.


Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose

[Photo #1 is an Azalea Flower Bud, Photo #2 is a Lilac SINGLE Flower, Photo #3 is a ROSE BUD … YES!!! There are tiny Rose Buds on some of my bushes!!, and #4 is a Forsythia SINGLE Flower]

(Photo 3 my hands were shaking so badly I was really surprised this image came out. Same with photo 4. Between the breeze and my hands shaking, again I was surprised any of the images I took were salvageable.)

71 thoughts on “Seeing (4 MACROS)

  1. Oh I love the fuzz and velvety parts of the azalea bud…you know they are soft and gorgeous 🙂 such lovely pictures..everyday I try and see what maybe is was a joey popping in and out from his mums pouch….a lovely day and this is a lovely set of pics 🙂 hugs Bev xx


  2. Beautiful photos, one day my photos will look good 🙂
    Your words are so softly spoken, one just knows its the wind whispering in our ears
    they are beautiful and fulfilling the senses this morning

    I apologize about the black writing, sometimes WP is contrary,
    no matter what I do it comes in black…and being computer challenged doesn’t help somehow its back to white today LOLs..
    Take care…You Matter…


    1. Oh, Maryrose, BLESS you for your words to me. Keep practicing with your camera. By that I mean, just keep taking pictures, letting your Heart and the Flowers guide you. Look for shapes, colors, something that strikes your eye or pulls them that makes your Heart sigh.

      Yes, I do hear “whisperings” from that Source that flows through me and All That Is. Sometimes it is a flower, sometimes a faerie, an angel, one of my cats, an interaction with someone on WP … and that Voice that wakes me up so that I get my yellow pad and pen to write.

      No apologies please. I just really wanted to read what you wrote. I went back today and it is still too hard for me to read. There is just so much we can control on WP. I have found that out myself.

      Thank you for being a part of my life, and being a part of Petals. You matter, too, Maryrose. You are very special and your Work really does make a difference. Love, Amy


    1. What? *puzzled* Hmmmm….. Do you mean I tried to eliminate the comments section today and failed to do so? Today I am spending time with my family. I am learning Balance. Is that what you are talking about? Thank you about the lovely shots. I HAVE ROSES COMING! xx


      1. If I knew how to suspend comments on those days I really don’t want to spend behind a computer, I would. I ask at times to be easy on comments, yet, peeps just keep on coming. I can’t help it, Uncle Spikey. Peeps like to talk to me. 🙂


      2. That’s me 😀

        When creating new post, use the Screen Options at the top R/H and ensure Discussion is selected. Then, beneath the main text for the post, you’ll see a tick box marked ‘Allow Comments’. Just untick that and that’ll stop me winding you up 🙂

        Works the same for published posts – so you can turn the feature on/off as you like…


      3. Um, yep, ya got that right. I have to do something. I LOVE what I do BUT the hours are too long. Yup I hear Balance is in the making for me. xx


      4. I did it, Uncle Spike, I did it. Now I know!!! Oh thank you. I WILL be using this feature in the future. I just cannot keep up. And I am thinking of posting every other day plus taking weekends off. Thank YOU so much!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. The more you learn how to see…..yessss….and the more awareness we have of our true selves, the more we can see. 🙂 Thank you Amy. I need to be reminded of this daily. I’m an expert at hiding.


    1. We all can be, Laura. It is not easy to see, for all the charades we have created and all the little places we made in order to hide. It takes a brave Heart to see and still I question, is this all to see, or is this more? Another petal unfolds …. Bless you, Laura. Love, Amy


      1. My whole life I have desired to rip off the blinders to see Truth. And in so doing, become my True Essence. It’s been quite a ride, Laura. xx


      1. (((HUGS))) Love, Amy.
        We are going to Spain for two weeks starting this Sunday. So I won’t see you for a little while. Happy gardening. 🙂


      2. Oh, Amy, have a glorious time. Lucky you!!!! I wish I could fit in your suitcase! By the time you come back hopefully some of my Roses will be blooming. Love, Amy


    1. I’ve got my camera ready and waiting……Every day I check. Every day! The buds are still so tiny yet the foliage is getting bigger and bushier. I am feeling like a KID again just so excited about all this! How will my Roses look this year? Will I be able to keep all the deer and aphids away? Will I be able to catch Black spot soon enough? OH OH OH a million thoughts zing through my mind. Will they need extra fertilizer this year? They look so strong and healthy this year …. oh BOY!!!! Will the colors be brighter and glow more then they did last year? Will there be many Roses this year? Last year was SO hard with heat and aphids and then deer, I barely saw any Roses. Will my bushes make up for last year and give me heaps of Roses? Can you tell I am excited? LOL xx Amy


  4. All favorite flowers of mine that I don’t get to see in Florida. I still remember the yearly discussion about forsythia and the correct way to to pronounce it. It still makes me laugh because the flowers have their own secret names that no one else knows.


    1. Now you have told me something I didn’t know, and I am very curious. I will have to listen closer. That would make sense what you said for it is MAN who named the flowers. Hmmmm……Now see what you have done? You have got my curious mind going. xxx


      1. Ah, the Truth from babes. Now I understand. And oh, the “different” I was going to do today on my post, I changed my mind. I was going to turn off comments. My Heart told me to leave them on. And so I did. xx


  5. Hi Amy, I really enjoy to see these flowers – I always love flowers..actually I have never seen the type of lilac – the number 2 – before.. Now I know there is such flower – the color is very unique with white stripe around’s so pretty! ♥


    1. Indah, I have never seen this type either until my neighbor planted this bush. This is not from my garden. My lilacs have not bloomed yet, so hopefully in about 2 weeks you will see mine. I think mine will look more like the lilacs you know. Big (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. I really didn’t know it at the time, Linda, honest. I am continuously amazed at what is happening with my camera. Just amazed. Thank you for the compliment. It means so much to me. Love, Amy


      1. Everything is perfect sweetness. Just been busy. Loving your post love. Check out my new post “My Voice” Love you .


  6. The more I look at those detailed portraits,the more I understand nature’s way to beautiful !!! Hope you are keeping well,dear Amy !!! hugs, and love, Doda 🙂 *


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