Living in NOW Being in NOW without thought of past or future there is God flowingly found And when found an epiphany occurs, perceiving God as Sovereign You in all your resplendent magnificence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The flowers know. Mother knows. And what do they know? That All is God. The sum of the whole is God … Continue reading NOW

Amidst The Storm

Stretched upon that cold cold ground, my eyes beheld astonishing feats of Courage all shouting shouting … nothing is impossible. Earth’s aroma tantalized my nose, while again and again my eyes hungrily sought oases amongst the tremendous chaos within my gardens. I’m home, I’m home my Soul cried! Despite the exceptionally cold temperatures and the … Continue reading Amidst The Storm

The Voice

For the first time in a very long time, the interference was gone. l compare it to static on a radio so loud that no station can come in clearly. That was happening without letup to me. I could not hear God. I could not tune into my Zone, my Zen, my Paradise. That static … Continue reading The Voice

Love Is In The Air

Spirit is being felt strongly by many around the world. A revival is at hand, a revival where people remember their Sovereignty. Love is about to explode around the world as God’s Hand comes to rest upon His creation. Rejoice for what is about to unfold, and already as I have personally seen, has begun. … Continue reading Love Is In The Air

The Message

“He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I trust. He delivers me from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence.   He covers me with His feathers, and under His wings I take refuge … I AM not afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow … Continue reading The Message


Many may ask where is God in this world gone mad? My answers to those who do not see …   In the sunlit grasses swaying in the wind   In the innocence of a sleeping cat   Ready to meet you on the Rocky Road   Found in the golden silence of the trees … Continue reading Where?

Ecstasy (8 IMAGES)

Broken and bare God’s Grace still showed ~~~~ that day the alchemy flowed ~~~~ Branches bowed acknowledging God’s watchful eye ~~~~ caring for all both big and small ~~~ The Sun itself proclaimed “This is Holy Ground” ~~~~ As with eyes just huge looking all around ~~~~ ¬†felt Infinite Bliss from Mother’s Mysterious Kiss ~~~~ … Continue reading Ecstasy (8 IMAGES)


(Subject may be controversial or cause triggering for some of you. ¬†I’m using my beautiful photography for Balance in this post. ¬†All pictures are from my walk at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY on Saturday, 4, 2017.) I was told by my doctor I had miscarried. ¬†Miserable and in pain I said, “But, I’m … Continue reading NDE (14 IMAGES)


Eternity ripples thought thought splashes color color creates form form becomes Love Love births Life Life breathes God. ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Creation” July 2016¬©AmyRose I know. ¬†This one is a thinker. ¬†The words came to me last night and as they did, I just sat staring at them asking, “Just where … Continue reading Creation

Divine Connection

The more we connect our Minds and our Hearts to our Inner Divine ¬†Sparks of Light (which are directly¬† connected to Source), the more we transform into our Higher Selves. It is through this Divine Connection we learn how to create Heaven on Earth. ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Divine Connection” June 2016¬©AmyRose … Continue reading Divine Connection


GOD! Hangin’ on You is all I’ve got yet I don’t know if it’s gonna be enough. ¬†I’m just plain shattered unravelin’ threads! Why does Love hurt so damn much? ~~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “GOD!” 2016¬©AmyRose Photograph of Clematis vine about as big as ¬†őü. COMMENTS CLOSED. Continue reading GOD!


Dear Friends, I know some of you will be concerned if you do not see me, so this is to inform all of you that I will not be blogging for at least this entire week. ¬†I have an URI, on antibiotics, and was told by the doctor I must rest. Also, today, my husband … Continue reading Break


LOVE is HOME HOME is GOD GOD is LOVE … őĒ Those who have stepped from the Dream and are now HOME know LOVE IS HOME … őĒ So whenever we step into LOVE on this side of the veil we too are now HOME. MF Photography/ “Love = HOME = God” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading LOVE = HOME = GOD

As Is (8 IMAGES)

06 01 14_4152
Water is Life.

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Thus You Will Know

Thus you will come to know
there is no separation
‘tween you and God

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Heart Speaks Truth (8 MACROS)

Hi, Friends. Please take your time with this post, because it is a thinker. Really look closely at the photos I chose to match the words with to understand the deeper meaning of the words. If you take the time to do so, I believe you will come away from this post, with such an incredible deep feeling of awe.

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