Tiny Teeny on Teeny Tiny (2 IMAGES)

61 thoughts on “Tiny Teeny on Teeny Tiny (2 IMAGES)”

  1. Lovely! I look for movement too. The other day on the gravel drive, feeding the plants, I saw something move. It was a really pretty caterpillar. I did not have the camera with me, and I knew that I would not find it again if I ran for it.

    Be well Amy! HUGS TO YOU! – Jane


    1. The two rock gently
      swaying in the moonless night
      kissing drinking with the eyes
      the passion hotter
      unsteady now steady
      both seeking
      the Golden Gate
      of all encompassing Bliss
      trembling breath panting
      moaning moments unending
      the Golden Gate is found
      and birthed the little love
      the bud of All Infinity …
      With Love, AmyRose

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    1. LOL This lens is amazing, Laura, so again WAIT for the 2.8 baby! It will be SO worth it. I waited years for this one and I am enjoying it SO much! You have no idea! Love, Amy


      1. Yes, know what you mean and so glad that you could capture it while moving. You have great talent and love that macro lens and the way that you use it ♥ Kathy


    1. OH, thank you, Michael. Now you understand how busy I have been. And I am not through yet. Just keeping up with posting and my own blog with this gardening venture, is taking everything I got to give. I normally go to others’ blogs and comment and enjoy, but right now that is just not possible. Be patient for I promise you the wait will be worth it. Love, Amy


      1. Bless you, Michael. You know I love your blog and I will be over once this hard work is behind me. That and on rainy days I plan on chatting again. This period won’t be long. I’m making excellent progress. I just came in to get a bite to eat and the clouds are getting darker. Yep, rain. I’ll either be chatting tomorrow or passed out. I’m seriously beat. Love, Amy


      2. OH, Michael! Just by saying that, you KNOW and understand the Connection between human and Mother. Your words have brought song to my Heart. Thank you! Love, Amy


  2. I can’t imagine how you even saw it in the first place – it must be MINUTE !!! So well done, you ! – even though you were supposed to be slaving in the soil … [grin]


    1. YAY!!! You finally saw this. I saw movement first then I zeroed in through my camera a saw this fly. I could not see it with just my eyes. I didn’t have my glasses on. Tee Hee. I have to take breaks now and then you know. [GRIN]


      1. And you have your trust camera on standby, too … 🙂 I am truly amazed by this one: I would never have noticed it, even through the movement …


    1. Yup!! Just chatting with Margaret Rose and she too is amazed. I still am. I mean really! I think an award needs to be given to me for even seeing this darn small fly in the first place. Thanks for stopping by, Linda!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Yes, I know, and it fascinates me that they remain dormant the entire Winter and then start coming to life in Spring. Not all plants have buds that are formed in the Winter. Nature does not ever cease to amaze me, and what Mother is allowing me to photograph is astounding. (((HUGS))), Jackie!! Love, Amy


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