Garden Number 9

04 24 14_0772What did I tell you? When rain is forecasted here, it does not rain. So again I find myself looking at another garden day. Today, though, I will be a lot easier on myself then I was yesterday. As you can see from this photo, I did a ton of work yesterday. It doesn’t look like there is much in this garden (between sidewalk and house, towards the house), but there are a good (how many did I count yesterday?) ten maybe, Rose Bushes, most of them being ground cover Roses.

All were pruned yesterday and if any of you have pruned ground cover Roses, you KNOW how endless a job that can be. But it is done.

The above photograph was taken prior to the application of mulch because I wanted you to see how many bags of mulch were piled on my sidewalk waiting to be put in the garden.

As for the delightful poem I promised for today, I know better then to do this. But yet I did. I wing it. I go with the Flow, and I of anyone, know I am unable to say what I will be doing tomorrow. There is only today. So, IF I can edit today the gorgeous photos I plan on matching with this poem, I will post it. If not, it will be posted in its Perfect Time.

I again thank you for your patience and for your cooperation. I’m aching, folks, and I am tired. I today will be making an appointment with a Massage Therapist I know because darn it!, I need a massage! I must be good to this body so this body can be good to me!

I will keep you informed of my progress. IF you do not hear from me again this day, know I am again very busy outside in my gardens. And of course, you are there with me in my Heart, cheer leading me on!!!

I love you! (((HUGS))) AmyRose

Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose

34 thoughts on “Garden Number 9

  1. You are aware that Meteorology is the one career you can be more than 80% wrong and still keep your job? No? Well, you have a better chance of predicting the weather than most local weathermen because all they do usually is pad the weather reports from the NOAA with more than a heaping of drama. That’s what I do and the only person that’s wrong in this is me, no one’s affected by my predictions.

    Looking good. Better than I could go given I’ve had black-thumb (can’t have growing plants anywhere around me without them withering and dying near instantly) since I was 20. Enjoy the sun and play in the dirt (as the ol’ Pike Commercial used to say). I’m off to work my “magic” later on and trying to make art from mathematics.



    1. I ususally go by how my body feels to predict the weather. I never listen to the weather reports because they are ususally wrong. My heart and my body tell me. I again will be outside today, not working as hard as yesterday, but still going. Good luck with your mathematics! I used to LOVE Math. Unfortuantely I let it go. Now I am into photography! GRIN! Love, Amy


    1. Thank you, Mark. Bless you!!! I was just muttering to myself I don’t know if I can again do this today. This is really a lot of work, BUT, as was pointed out to me, this year, the progress I am making is amazing. I really thank you for your encouragement. I will really be glad when it does rain. (smile)


    1. So good to hear from you, Amy. Yes, all done. I have one more garden with Roses, no, make that two. But they are not ground cover Roses (oops yes some are!) but anyways, the pruning shouldn’t be so time consuming. Onward today. One maybe two small gardens to finish and that will be all. Love, Amy


  2. Back home in Washington the weather can be so erratic. It will be windy and raining one moment and then calm and sunny the next. I’ve seen it snow on a sunny day too! You never know what you’re going to get there. By the way, I think you are doing wonderfully. ❤


    1. I’m not sure what you said, but I think you mean it looks like it is completed and it is. I have more to go, so this phase of my life is not over yet. Tough work!!! Love, Amy


      1. That one is. The ones in the back still I have yet to complete. Eight more total to go yet. Some are small and no big deal, but there is one that is seriously big, bigger then the one I showed here today. Crossing all fingers that I can complete this all next week. That depends of course how all my cats are doing. And me. And hubs. (smile) A lot to take into consideration. Love, Amy


    1. Never got to the MT, Linda. My day turned out nope. Maybe over the weekend. It is raining now so now is my chance. Hopefully she will have an opening. Crossing all fingers. And when you SEE this garden with the flowers, you will not believe it is the same garden. Hehehehehehehe It’s like magic!!! Love, Amy


    1. Charlie, when you see this garden in full bloom you will not believe it is the same one. And as for little? I have to disagree with you there. This space is deceiving. It is a lot bigger then it looks. (smile) (((HUGS))) Amy


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