My Walk

Come join me on this walk today of color and forest and the scent of Fall. I will keep the writing short and the photographs long. It’s been such a stressful time here in the USA with so much unfolding all at once it makes your head spin. Coupled with this I had my hands … Continue reading My Walk

Hope Is Born

This is a story about hope. Hope that there is a better and brighter future for all of us right around the corner. Hope that the intense chaos and unrest in the world today will form a world where love, peace and justice are the very foundations upon which this new world will exist. Yesterday … Continue reading Hope Is Born

Hearts’ Vow

My Soul calls for me to find my wings and fly far far away from this shadowy place to¬†a Land of light and love and peace. I shall fly from the dark and chart my way as my heart sets the course to the Land of light and love and peace to reside there permanently … Continue reading Hearts’ Vow

Heaven On Earth

Those times when life becomes unbearably tough and sanity threatens to leave my eyes intentionally shift to that which liberates duress from my soul, enclosing absolute peace around my heart as my Sacred Spirit soars to unite with Mother in a Land I call Heaven on Earth. ~~~~ *Take a deep breath, close your eyes, … Continue reading Heaven On Earth

My World

I do not live in a world of lies, manipulation, greed, corruption, power, or evil. Rather I live in a world of beauty, love, peace, laughter, light, and fun. There I create to my heart’s content freely and with childlike glee anything I wish my life to be. ~~~~ And so it is! ~~~ My … Continue reading My World

Peace Can Be Yours

If your Heart expresses a desire for Peace then do what you must for Peace to take permanent lease as your Golden Trust. ~~~~~ Allow Mother’s Perfect Expressions to be your expression of Peace in your daily Life. ~~~~~ Hours were spent not only in capturing some pretty amazing feathers and petals, but hours were … Continue reading Peace Can Be Yours

Broken Child

They who hold harsh grudges and condemnation as judges within their angry breasts deny Prince Peace a place of rest as shattered dreams of such strife fight within their war-torn life ~~~~ I honestly “thought” these small “wisdom sayings” were a thing of the past. ¬†I was proven wrong one eve not long ago as … Continue reading Broken Child

The Dream

Don’t dare you give up don’t cheat yourself of Peace to come ~~~ My toes burned with bitter cold. ¬†My legs ached with every step I took. ¬†The backpack experiment was miserably failing. ¬†My back just would not tolerate the weight of my long lens and two bottles of water in a backpack slung on … Continue reading The Dream

The Path

The Path that leads to the Refuge of Love is straight and narrow and at times very long yet if stayed upon with vigilance and strength the traveler will gain security, warmth, Peace, a Shelter from Wicked Winds a Port of Peace … a Sacred Place of Rest for the aching Heart ~~~~~ Photography/”The Path”/ … Continue reading The Path


This is an actual photograph, a shot of our extremely blue sky yesterday. ¬†I did no editing with this except for resizing, so what you see is what I saw. Barely any wind coupled with this blue sky made for a very magical day especially as I strolled through a local park in a land … Continue reading Peace

Breathe Peace

Come sit here with me awhile come and¬†breathe Peace Leave your troubles behind as¬†we just sit here awhile ~~~~~ Photography/ “Breathe Peace” September 2016¬©AmyRose Full daylight photography has always intimidated me. ¬†Shooting only on cloudy days has its limitations as I really learned this year. ¬†We had a record breaking amount of sunny days … Continue reading Breathe Peace

Taking Time (3 IMAGES)

If¬† we all don’t take time in our daily lives to seek Peace Quiet Tranquility how then shall we stay sane in a world gone mad? ~~~~ Friends, I hope the “feel” of this Sacred Place is felt through these photographs.¬† This park has become my Sanctuary.¬† Each and every time I go there to … Continue reading Taking Time (3 IMAGES)


Movement in Stillness is the Path of Peace ~~~~ How I managed to get this shot, I do not know.¬† I believe, however, Lady Luck was on my side! It was cold, bitterly cold and windy.¬† Standing on a plastic chair that was sinking in the mud, I had to balance to stay upright on … Continue reading Stillness