Monday Serenade

45 thoughts on “Monday Serenade”

  1. So cute………our cats love to watch the birds out the windows too. In fact, Ruby is looking out the window in my office right now…….we have a number of feeders (bird and humming bird) in the back yard for them to watch!

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    1. I hope both our weeks follow through similarly. These two were so cute together with no tussle as to who gets the chair but just companionly contentedly together watching the birds. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. 😉🎀💖

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    1. Dearest Bacon, oink! What an honor to be interviewed … Not me but one or more of my beauties. Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you. They lead such a sheltered life and to be in the spotlight …. hmmmm … 🤓😉🌸


  2. That is a really beautiful photo of the two cats. The piebald one is jut like my Mum’s cat from the 1970s. There is a belief over here that splashes of ginger in the coat means it has farm cat blood and will know how to hunt and it will be a good mouser. And it may scratch occasionally.

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    1. John, I have a few “hunters” in this house. I know because I have seen them in action when they were outdoors. And I agree with you that this is really a beautiful picture. I sat a long time in silence just watching these two. Fascinating to do so! ☺️💝


    1. Thank you, YellowCable! We have a very unique and close family here yet it took me years to get it this way. Cats are normally not buddy buddy like this … it takes time and a lot of encouragement from someone. There are exceptions though, that is true. All I can say I am so blessed to have such good “kids” as I do. ☺️🌼💖

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