The Dream

49 thoughts on “The Dream”

  1. Such a beautiful view, Amy 🙂 I see, why you were able to find peace there.
    You are right, we may never give up, but continue, no matter how much pain, we are in.

    Wish you a beautiful day and take good care of yourself, dear friend.

    Much love ❤

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    1. No matter how many times I see this view, my breath always catches in my throat. Wishing you a very beautiful day as well, dear friend. I am taking the best of care of not only me, but my beautiful family. Much Love to you! 💝

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  2. A view worth waiting for. Sorry that you ached while carrying your gear. Is your backpack short? By that, I mean does it hang mostly off your shoulders. If so, you might ask Santa for one that is a little longer and has a strap at the bottom. Those can be adjusted so that some of the weight rests on your hips as opposed to your shoulders. I have two day-packs. One hangs and one has the strap and the one with the strap is much easier to carry for a distance.

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    1. Dan, I have the one with adjustable straps for both around the chest and the waist but it was still a no-go. I have back issues and I have to be really careful on how I carry what with me. I have adjusted to the camera vest and that has become absolutely no problem anymore. I am most comfortable with my fanny pack that goes around my waist that hangs over my rear. Since my back injury in 93 it’s been a real challenge for me to stay as strong as I am today. I will again try the backpack when I am not wearing so many clothes. We’ll see. Thank you for your concern as only you well know what it takes to stay comfortable while lugging 10 to 15 lb on your body. May you have a great Sunday today! 💕🎄💕

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    1. I took some Echinacea as some sneezing came on and just relaxed looking at the snow coming on down. That backpack was what messed things up. At least I tried though and now know it’s a no-go. LOL


    1. Thank you, Mark. My toes are not easy to keep warm in the cold even with very warm and heavy socks on. I have to keep reminding myself to move them inside my boots. I’m glad you “felt” the emotion behind this shot. Have a wonderful day today! 🌹

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  3. Look at that pretty blue sky! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing! ❤ I can feel the peacefulness radiating out from your photo, sweet Amy. 🙂 ❤ I hope your cold toes have recovered from the walk and are ready for the next one! I find it is good to go outside and soak in the fresh air even if it means shivering a bit. Warm socks help. 🙂 Love, hugs, and blessing for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Blue is just so relaxing, Sarah, to me. I had no focus whatsoever on how chilled I had become as I stood there looking out ovee that lake and gazing up at that blue blue sky. It was a glorious sight to behold. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as I did. Much Love to you. 💕🎄💕

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    1. I am glad you felt the peace through this photograph because standing there looking at what you see here there really was no comparison. I could stand there every day and just soak up the peace. Much Love to you this day! 💕🎄💕

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  4. You don’t give up but bring us the most beautiful, peaceful views. Yes, we are spoiled! I just have to say your “romantic snow dream” from this morning is stunning! Loved it. Thank you and a big hug 🤗

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    1. Oh, Helen, thank you thank you! I am kicking myself right now for not making notes and how I made that photograph into that romantic interlude. I must start taking notes on how I do these things instead of just playing. LOL And no I don’t give up that is something I can honestly say about myself. I am so glad you could feel the romance through this picture. Peace and much Love to you this day. 💕🎄💕

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    1. Hi, Donna! Thank you very much for such a wonderful comment. I’ve learned not to give up because that is when usually the surprise would have been missed. The journey is so worth it in so many ways and I do believe you are one person who understands. Much Love to you this day. 💖🌹💖

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    1. Alexander, you are not bothering me. YOU just confirmed I must start taking notes so I remember what I did. In all honesty I could not tell you what I did in order to get this effect. I have a “general” idea but not a concrete one. It’s fun to play. It’s grown up to stop and take notes. So I thank you. I must season my playing with adulthood. I will pass on to hubby belated birthday wishes. We had a wonderful day yesterday! Much Love to you! 🤗

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