The only way beauty
can be seen
is when beauty
is held deep in heart

MF Macro Photography/ “Sight”/ July 2017©AmyRose

The “special effects” in this photograph were not created in PS.  Nope.  Again my jaw dropped when I saw what I captured.  Curious as to what you are actually seeing?  OK.  I’ll tell you.

Firstly the time was 8:10pm (EDST), with the light quickly fading.  That day I had planned on getting out to capture some of my flowers but before I knew it here it was after 8pm.  I normally don’t shoot that late in the day.  I said to myself,  “what do I have to loose?”  and grabbed my camera moving quickly to get outdoors.  Where to start?

This rose tugged at my Heart and did not let go.  It is in a garden bed right in front of our living room windows.  I set my camera to ISO 400, knelt down, and decided how to frame this beauty I saw before me.  Peering through my lens viewer I was shocked to see what I saw.

The “striped effect” is actually the lines of our brick on the front of our house.  The light was so dim at that point that the actual color of the brick you cannot see.  Only shadows are seen and the lines of the bricks.  Cool?  You betcha!  And the lines on the left of the photograph are actually rays of light filtering through some plants.  Again, way cool!  I love it when Geometry is seen in my images.  Darn I just LOVE it!

FYI … I’ve been waiting for a day like today.  Heavy cloud cover with the threat of rain is what I have been waiting for.  Today plans are being made to don my mosquito netting hat and with Canon in tow, I head to Reinstein Nature Preserve Park.  Oh goody!


38 thoughts on “Sight

    1. Aha! Now run with that thought, Donna. If you didn’t see the whole picture here, what are you not seeing in other pictures of life? I’ve developed extremely observant eyes, a tool I developed in my ICU Nursing days and have kept and fine tuned in my present. There are SO many layers within layers in life. What are we missing? A little food for thought. 😉

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    1. When I spoke to my Mom on the phone today she said she never even saw the stripes until she read what I wrote. Then she went back and then she saw. They are subtle yet they jumped right out at me. I LOVE capturing the play of light and shadow, Dan. That is just the way my eyes “see” … that and geometry. 😉💝

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    1. Thank you, Melissa! Your comment got me to thinking about how many times all of us don’t do something because we “think” of excuses why not to, or we “think” it won’t be possible to achieve. Hmmmmm …. I really do attempt to grab the gusto in life no matter what. Have a great day! 🌸


    1. Mary, I would LOVE it if you attempted to paint this image. Go ahead and please notify me when and I’m saying when you are finished. Oh how exciting!! 💖🌹🌸💖


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