Subhuman Strikes

I had a real emergency on Tuesday. I found Tee … (above pic taken in my garden day after the emergency) … caught in a barbaric, inhumane trap some subhuman set inside the barn next door.

Number 2 animal leg trap. You can see where Tee’s blood and hair are on it.

He was screaming when I went over doing my usual barn run for the day. I found him and to my horror a nightmare was before me.  Where both Tee and trap were made it almost impossible for me to not only to dislodge the trap which had Tee’s paw in it but to get Tee out too. See pics below to understand what I had to do to get Tee out. I did both!

Pile of junk where I found Tee.

Closeup where Tee and trap were lodged.

Tee facing down wedged and caught in junk and trap, right paw in trap.

I ran with Tee and trap still attached back over to our house screaming for hubby. When he saw what happened he flew. I yelled to bring blanket and narcotic pain med STAT. Tee was going into shock! Hubby brought both and immediately I wrapped Tee in blanket and gave him pain med. Hubby ran to find the right tools to pry this trap open. He found them and very carefully opened trap so I could free the paw. Blood gushed. I applied compression with paper towels while hubby flew to get carrier and to alert our Vet what happen.

Running to hubby’s truck we literally flew at 100mph to Vet. Because of our fast reaction we saved Tee’s leg. No broken bones were found either ( a MIRACLE!  This trap crushes bones!) and because I managed to keep circulation in his paw by getting that trap off, no amputation, as Vet mentioned. He has deep punctures and torn muscles and he is getting pain meds from me for as long as needed. If I ever find out who that subhuman is who deliberately set this monstrosity of a trap inside the barn that person will not know what hit him.

Tee is terrified to go into the barn now.  I’ve been trying to coax him in to no avail because last night it snowed here.  He is right now outside somewhere, hurt, wet, cold, and terrified.  I’ve been getting pain meds in him when he turns up at our house but he is extremely skittish making me put my thinking cap on as to how to get these meds into him.  I am no longer at this time able to pick him up much less put something in his mouth.  So I am putting pain medications in a dish containing a small amount of water with his favorite tuna snacks.  The knot in my stomach will not dissipate until my eyes see him today.  After today the weather is supposed to break and get warmer.  OH THANK GOD!!…/l-on-banning-leg-hold-traps-764193…

Photography/ “Subhuman Strikes”/ April 2017©AmyRose

Please send Light, Love, and Prayers.  Thank you!
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