Subhuman Strikes

I had a real emergency on Tuesday. I found Tee … (above pic taken in my garden day after the emergency)¬†… caught in a barbaric, inhumane trap some subhuman set inside the barn next door. Number 2 animal leg trap. You can see where Tee’s blood and hair are on it. He was screaming when … Continue reading Subhuman Strikes


This is a photo I took of our backyard yesterday and played with it. ¬†It is the way I zoomed in and took this image that makes it look 3D. ¬†I only used my phone editor, first clicking on “effects” then choosing “dawn cast” and then playing with the slider and then just a touch … Continue reading Fantasia

Having Fun (2 IMAGES)

I found myself after a very challenging day on the couch just “playing”. ¬†I first started in the PixLr app on my phone then imported to PS then on to LR. ¬†Please don’t ask me how I created this because I could not tell you. ¬†I just played. ¬†(smile) ¬†The second image is the original. … Continue reading Having Fun (2 IMAGES)

Cuddles (video)

This video of Cuddles is something that happens every day. ¬†You can hear from my voice a bit of exasperation because just as I have completely cleaned up in the kitchen for the morning (every morning), in walks Cuddles for more food. ¬†*sigh* ¬†And yes I know I recently posted a video of Cuddles and … Continue reading Cuddles (video)

Boy Play

Rusty is the official instigator in this house. ¬†He is energy in action not stopping unless he is sleeping. He keeps everyone including me on their toes. ¬†And it seems every time I have a camera in view, Rusty must get the attention even if I have the intention of photographing someone else. Here is … Continue reading Boy Play

Rusty And Me (VIDEO)

Since my last post was quite the heavy, today’s post will [hopefully] bring laughter to the forefront. ¬†What you are about to see is what happens whenever I eat a hardboiled egg. ¬†Rusty must share that egg with me and believe me if I allowed him, he’d eat the entire yoke. ¬†Oh yes he has … Continue reading Rusty And Me (VIDEO)

To Love With Love

This is a very rare shot of Whispers who avoids the camera like the plague. ¬†The only reason he complied is because he was only half awake in the middle of cat napping. ¬†I know. ¬†I have a lot of nerve to disturb him. ¬†I know! Doesn’t his precious face make your Heart just melt? … Continue reading To Love With Love


Rusty and Whispers dreaming of catching those birds! ~~~~ Photography/ “Birds” September 2016¬©AmyRose Oh yes, these two are practically drooling watching the sparrows in my Lilac Bush right outside of this window. ¬†I wanted to play so I played and shared what I created with you. ¬†I won’t be here today but I will … Continue reading Birds


You do not know what you can¬†achieve when you strive to reach the Stars in the Champagne of Life! ~~~ With Karma’s death, I lost my mojo. ¬†I lost my intense thrill with my camera, I lost the¬†magic associated¬†with that camera, the words I heard all the time just gone, and the daily Joy of … Continue reading Celebration!

Brotherly Love (2 IMAGES)

Rocky with Karma July 13, 2016 ~~~~~~ Brotherly Love ~~~~¬† Karma loved clean¬†and towards the end he could no longer groom himself. ¬†No matter how much Mom cleaned him and brushed him, Rocky still found a reason to clean his brother. ¬†I had to supervise these cleanings at all times. Rocky tended to overdo and … Continue reading Brotherly Love (2 IMAGES)