A Key to Clearly See (4 MACROS)

The chaos and clamor
so evident on earth today

is so challenging to restrict
from our own personal spaces.
This is why Nature is
so beneficial to assist all
to stay Balanced.
When grounded and calm
we then can clearly see
to walk on Higher Ground.


Photography/A Key to Clearly See 2014©AmyRose

(Flowers are from my gardens)


63 thoughts on “A Key to Clearly See (4 MACROS)

  1. Thank you for sharing lovely pictures of flowers..and it is so right what you wrote: “This is why Nature is
    so beneficial to assist all
    to stay Balanced.”
    Take care Amy, may you are in good health and bless you..hugs, Indah


      1. I found you in my spam, Morgan, and I just freed you!! I am getting a wee bit teed off by WP oopsies. Anyways … you are now free. Love, Amy


      2. OH>>>PHEW!!! Thank you so much…it was a bit creepy in there with all those strange people 😉 I do know what you mean…I found Richard Ankers in my Spam the other day. Sheeeeeesh!

        Free At Last…Free At Last 🙂

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    1. I need those special hugs, Kathy. I am really not doing well. The tears just don’t want to stop. Why must this world be so cruel to those of gentle HEART? (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Yep. I just wrote you a commment back about the troubles I have been having. I was wondering why my traffic has been down. I honestly haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do, I must admit, thank you LIFE, but still ….. what a bummer. OH, one other thing … in my reader, I get posts that repeat. Stuck. *shaking head* Hope things eventually iron out around here. 🙂 xx Amy

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  2. “When grounded and calm
    we then can clearly see
    to walk on Higher Ground.”

    It sounds like a paradox, but it’s true. Well-stated, Amy.
    Not only must we walk the walk, we are to walk it
    while levitating a foot off the ground.

    Pretty pretties posing on your post.
    Always a joy to see, sis. Hugz, UT 🙂

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    1. Ah, Uncle Tree, you saw the paradox. Way cool. You are the first. I bow to thee, and you get the prize of “One with Open Eyes”. Nice. Again words that came in the moment, ones in which I wrote and did not doubt. Last minute these words came …. they are not um, what I wrote. Oh, no. The Voice had a say in the matter. Nope, AmyRose, those words are not to be. We must walk the walk, that is the only way to the Higher Ground. Walking in 3D yet BEing in Heaven. Good to hear you, bro. The tears broke today. I again can smile. (((HUGS))) sissy

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      1. O-O-O-O-O Shrimp! YOU are NOT munching enough. I swear I just heard your tummy rumble. Hmmmm…… Are you practicing self constraint? xxoo


      2. MOL! I knew I could depend on you, Shrimp. Now, before I go to your site, I will tell you a secret. I am going to edit waterfalls pics now so tomorrow you will see them. Please, don’t fall in, OK??? (((HUGS))) MB

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    1. Hmmmm……You think maybe I am on to something with what I do? Hmmmm ….. Yes, I DO see the words in the photographs, or else the flower itself speaks to me. Hope you are having a good day, Michelle!! Love, Amy

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    1. OH, what I do find even amazes me, Lisa. I plan on going this weekend to a magical garden to continue finding treasures. I still am trying to get to Niagara Falls as well before the cold weather hits. *sigh* I be only one person doing my best. (smile) Love, Amy


      1. Oh, please keep your fingers crossed for me, Lisa, or say some prayers. Life has been so bumpy this summer! And the weather is beginning to turn cool already. Let’s just put it this way …. IF I am meant to go, I shall. I really really really want to …. And THAT being said …. I AM GOING! LOL xx

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    1. I’m trying, Alexander, to shine so bright that the dangers of the world would disappear. I shall continue …. Bless you and hoping you are having a great day! Love, Amy


    1. Hi, Susie!! So GOOD to see you here!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Very busy today …. Rusty had surgery and I am shampooing um messes. Tomorrow I should have waterfalls for you! GRIN! IF I can get to editing the pics!!!! Love you! Me


    1. As I told another, the original words you do so not see. The Voice I hear last minute, told me to write different words. And so I did. And as for these flowers … they stun even me what they show me. Thank you, Chris! Love, Amy


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