Friends and Family, I am reaching out to you asking for prayer for my Mother. ¬†She is gravely ill at this time and is facing an extremely risky and invasive surgery tomorrow (Friday morning). ¬†I know the power of focused thought, intention, and/or prayer. ¬†I am at this time unable to be with her because … Continue reading Centered-ness

The Eye Of The Storm

For those of your who are facing Life’s Turmoils and Hard Places, may this post fill your Soul with the Sustenance you require.¬† Know you are not alone.¬† Drink deeply my Gift to you today, and not only that, find yourself a Flower to look upon to assist you back to that space called Balance.¬† … Continue reading The Eye Of The Storm


Change your thoughts Change your Life. ~~~~~~~~ My friends, Life it seems has caught up with me.¬† The weeks of extreme stress of trying to figure out the seriousness of my Dad’s condition from long distance prior to his death, dealing with family who were in deep denial during this time period, then flying into … Continue reading Change

A Key to Clearly See (4 MACROS)

The chaos and clamor
so evident on earth today

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