Your Beauty



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No matter how much you deny
with blunder or outrageous lies,
your Beauty is as Bright
as these Trees’ Spectacular Light.
“As this you see, you see yourself.”
(Do YOU? See what IS?)

Photography/ “Your Beauty” 2014 ©AmyRose

Along Comes a Boy


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Along comes a boy who won’t listen
who always thinks he knows the lesson.
His ears become deaf
to help plenty enough …
And so to this day
his growth barely seen
’cause his feet are rooted in clay.
What could have been bright
is only faded with blight
a blight that could have been so bright.
(Your actions and thoughts are the sum of your 3D reality.
Yet, in Spirit your Light shines flawlessy.)

Photography/ “Along Comes a Boy” 2014©AmyRose

Great Beauty


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Standing before this Great Beauty
with Breath tapered into Silence
my Wings unfurl willing to soar.

Photography/ “Great Beauty” 2014©AmyRose

Life’s Greatest Pleasures (2 Macros)


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It is the small things
in Life
that bring to you
Life’s Greatest Pleasures.
(Do you see the smile?)

Photography/ “Life’s Greatest Pleasures” 2014©AmyRose

As promised, I now reveal to you the owner of the flower I used in my post, “Bonus Fun Post”. (No matter what I have done, I cannot get the link to work on this theme. Sorry.) Her name is Leanne Cole who most graciously came forward after I told everyone my horror of loosing all my photographs, and who actually gave me some of her own work to use on Petals. Leanne is the first person to offer help to me. I want all of you to know how big of a Heart this woman has, and how deeply grateful I am to her.

To all of you who offered me help, I am totally, irrevocably grateful to you too. These gesures of caring and friendship have touched me very deeply. Bless you all!

Leanne, I had fun with your flower. I deliberately changed colors on it to see if you would recognize it as your own, which you did not. That was the all time test for me. Why? If I can bamboozle Leanne who is top in the field of photography, I can and I will bamboozle you. How? I plan on using my flowers I already have posted on Petals, and re-edit them to make them look like different flowers. Now, my supply is as endless as the Universe. See? When one way is blocked, there is always another way. And I found it. (smile)

Bonus Fun Post


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I am posting this photograph below to see IF the person who actually took the photo recognizes it. This person was the very first person who responded to my crisis, and in so doing, gave me some of her/his work to do with what I chose to do with them.

When I processed this image, I changed colors. The orientation is the same but the colors definitely are different from the original this person sent to me. I ask, is the person who sent me this flower able to identify it? Either way, the answer I will give to you will be in one of my posts on Wedsneday.

This person is NOT the only one who gave, yes gave me photographs to use on Petals. I selected this flower because this person was the very person to help me, and I really would like to give this person recognition. As I will with the two other people who offered me photographs, all in Weds. post.

I also want to make it very clear that the copyright on this image has my name, BUT I did not take this photograph. I felt funny to put my name on it, yet I was told I could do with it anything I wanted. The processing and editing are mine. Please do enjoy this flower. I think it is absolutely breathtaking!


Photographer will be identified in Weds. post/ Editing/ “Bonus Fun Post” 2014©AmyRose


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