Friendship (2 iPad Images)



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Friends in the Field of Life
came forth in my Day of Strife
and as they did
 brought to me
Golden Gifts 
 of Precious Petals
and Shiny Gems
compared to none.
[photographs taken in my backyard with my iPad]

Dearest Friends,

Since the Day of Calamity hit with great force, your responses to me have been one of great surprise, leaving me utterly and totally humbled and grateful to all of you. The outpouring of Love and offers of money … the outpouring of offers of giving me your photographs to use on Petals … the outpouring of empathy and encouragement and standing by me in my Day of Trouble …. I am in tears.

I am a Giver. All of my Life I have given. And this world, greedy as it is, has taken, and taken, and taken again, never satisfied with what I gave but always wanting more. I eventually stopped giving and a part of me seem to shrivel up and just die.

Then Petals I did open and to my delight I attracted people who truly appreciated my giving. What a Gift! One which brought such Joy to me, and the piece of me that had shriveled now came back to Life. But it doesn’t end here.

Because of you, my confidence grew in myself as an artist. And for the first time in my Life, I have come to understand the meaning of Friendship. How do I tell you how much you have become to me? How do I tell you that your Gift of being you is the Greatest Gift I have ever received? You have humbled me to know how much Love you have for me. I am Eteranlly Grateful with a huge lump in my throat and again tears ready to fall upon my cheeks.

I have not accepted any of your offers of money and photographs, for one main reason. I want to see where this fork in the road is leading me, and I also want to see what I myself can create in the place of my loss. I want you all to know, I am not saying “no” to your offers of help. Let’s just put them on standby just in case I need them. OK? And from here I say to all of you, I shall continue to do my very best by bringing to Petals the Essence of my Heart.

I Love you. Amy

iPad Photography/ “Friendship” 2014©AmyRose

The World of Mother


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I visit a world I would rather be
then many a time in 3D.
If we all listened
to Mother more oft’
we would be that much the wiser
and so better off.

Photography/ “The World of Mother” 2014©AmyRose

What Was Lost


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Every time an empty place
arrives in Life
something comes along
to fill that very place.
And then hindsight comes along
as it always does …
You see that what took
the place of what was
is really better then
what was lost.
If you had kept your thoughts
on what was lost
the NOW
would not have been seen
and THAT would have been
a Greater Loss then the first.

Photography/ “What Was Lost” 2014©AmyRose

Flower courtesy of:  Seasonal Nursery 1120 Bullis Rd., Elma, NY 14059


My New Dawn


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 [Photograph taken on October 21, 2014. All "new" photographs from "after" my loss, are taken with manual focus. Now it seems my AF on my Canon 50D is not working, so it looks to me as though the challenge has arrived for me to really learn how to take images with Manual Focus. I refuse to be defeated. I shall not only overcome, but come back better and stronger!]

Photography 2014©AmyRose

Flower courtesy of: Seasonal Nursery 1120 Bullis Rd., Elma, NY 14059

Our New Dawn


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When Life becomes busy
and outright nuts
the struggle begins to adjust
and then when we do settle down
what once was chaotic
becomes our “New Dawn”.

Photography/ “Our New Dawn” 2014©AmyRose


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