I Will NO Longer Be Silent! (Rant)



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Friends, lately I have been having so much trouble with WordPress, that if it were not for the fact that I have YOU in my life, and all the hard work I have put into Petals, I would walk away. I am not talking about one or two issues. I am talking about a slew of problems. I really HOPE WP sees this post and takes notice that a PAYING customer is really steamed!

The following is what I have been experiencing for a good month and it is making the WP experience a lot more difficult then it needs to be. Here is my list of my problems I have been having:

1.  With every new post I write, I get timed out and I am forced to sign back into WordPress. As I am writing this post, for the first time in well over a month I am not getting timed out. Could WP be reading what I am writing now and fixing the BUGS in the system? Why else am I not getting timed out today of all days?

2.  I am finding my WP friends in my spam folder. This has been ongoing again for well over one month. If I don’t remember to check my spam, some comments made by YOU are sitting there unknown by me. I found three friends just today!

3.  There are blogs in my reader that I am NOT following yet have a check mark that says I am following. The blogs I do follow, for the most part, are not in my reader. I have to be observant as to who comes to my blog and then follow them back to their blog in order to appreciate their latest work. Those blogs I am not following I unfollow when I find them in my reader.

4.  There have been times the order I put photographs on a new unpublished post is not the order I put them on, so I have to delete them and start all over again.

5.  Whenever I go to write a new post, my editor is not the way I left it and I have to put it the way I like it to be. Also, the size of my photographs always has been the largest, and again, whenever I start a new post, I have noticed that the setting for photograph size is down to medium. IF I don’t catch this, my photos are not the size I want them to be in my own post!

6.  I have looked at the new system on how to create a post, and I refuse to use it. Why? Because I deliberately took a lot of time to delete a lot of my tags, keeping only those I use the most. The new system has ALL my tags which add up to be a LOT and would take me forever to scroll down to find the ones I do use.

7.  I received a notice from WP the other day that I am to be congratulated for being on WP TWO years. Friends, my ONE year anniversary is coming up in September of this year. Excuse me?

8.  I am unable to access my “About” page from the main page at Petals, but must access it through my dashboard.

9.  After a post has been published, I have noticed that the spacing has changed, so I have to re-edit to put the spacing the way I had it when I published the post.

10.  Who else besides me is getting the Beep Beep Boop when you go from previewing an unpublished post back to editing? That Beep Beep Boop leads me to the NEW editing box, which as previously stated, I will not use. SO I have to get out of the editor by closing Petals, reopen Petals, get to my dashboard to find the unpublished post to do the final editing. Really?

I think you get the idea. My life is a very busy one, and I depend on WP to run smoothly so that my time can be used wisely and efficiently. Getting upset about this is just not worth it, but I must admit, my collar is steamy right now. It is not right, it is unfair, and WP is making the blogging experience unpleasant at times. You would think that an organization as big as WP would get things straight and run their blogs in a quality manner.

In closing, I hope YOU are not experiencing what I am. There have been times, I have wanted to scream, due to the fact, I have a LIFE outside of blogging and WP is holding me up. So, there you have my Sunday rant. Very unlike me, you might say, and you would be right. I’ve kept quiet, hoping that these problems would resolve, but they don’t seem to be. I am honestly shocked I have not been timed out with this post, a first in a very LONG time.

Now that all this is off my chest, my chances of being Newly Pressed has just gone out the window. Ask me if that bothers me. It doesn’t. I only want what is right to be righted, darn it, so that not only me but others who are having problems, can be free of these problems. It’s only fair! (((HUGS))) Amy

Shine On, Beautiful!



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Know thyself
and shine on, Beautiful!!
If She can do it,
so can you!

Photography/”Shine On” 2014©AmyRose

(This Rose is Crimson Bouquet which has a velvet texture, one I have been trying to capture all Summer and have failed to do so. Do not ask how I obtained this image, because I don’t even know. All I did was lighten it, and balanced the highlights and shadows, sharpened it, and this is how it turned out. How I got this BRIGHT BLUE is totally beyond me. I did NOT create this “look” in my editor.

SO, shine on!)

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