Jewels From My Gardens Today (7 MACROS)


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I have for you, Jewels right from my gardens this morning. I hope you all enjoy the beauty you are about to see. There are a few Jewels that I have not seen in a long time, and there are more budding right now, which yes, I took photos of, but have not included in this post. One you are about to see, I have not seen in TWO years. Due to the changed weather patterns and insects not behaving as I am used to, I will have to change my strategy next year on how to protect my Roses better. *scratching head* For you that you do not garden or grow Roses, this is really challenging to do. Trying to figure out how to overcome weather and insects in ways I am not used to … takes some real thought!

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Yes, weeds. I went over to the horse pasture a few days ago to check out my prospects. Instead of looking for horse manure, I ended up going back home, getting my camera, and took pictures of these gorgeous weeds in that same pasture. And because I don’t know what they are called (goes along with me not knowing most of the flowers’ names I photograph … smile), I thought I would have some fun and make up names as I was editing.

It was more challenging then I thought it would be. By the time I was finished, I was about cross-eyed and brain fried. I thought this was going to be fun, but in the end, I really had to THINK about giving these beauties names that suited them. Now, if any of you can come up with better names, let me know. I have these weeds numbered, so as you go down to see each one, check out the number assigned to that weed, and if you have a better name, let us know! OK? Now let’s see those um, yes, weeds!

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Chillin’ Charlie Style


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Need I say anything here? Look for yourself. I think we ALL can learn from Charlie to take out more time just to chill and smell the Roses. Or in this case, just hang while communing with Nature. Enjoy!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


Charlie is 8 years old, and one of our FLUTD’s. He has been stable for quite some time now and believe me, I am breathing again. When he goes into a FLUTD attack, my husband and I scramble to get him the right Homeopathy remedy to bring him back to Balance. We think we finally “nailed it” on finding the right remedy for him after years of research by my husband. Charlie looks so happy and content.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Photography/”Chillin’ Charlie Style” 2014©AmyRose

(Photograph taken with my android cellphone)


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