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Maybe it’s because I am weary and this is why I am writing this. I don’t know. But, I want to make some things very clear to some who have come here to Petals Unfolding.

I have walked away from labels a long time ago. I do not “do” religion here at Petals. I do not do “politics” here at Petals. I will not coin myself anything other then LOVE. My religion or lack thereof is my business, and no one else’s.

Please do not come here telling me I need Christ. Or anything else. Open your eyes and SEE what I am doing here. I am bringing to you Beauty, LOVE, Truth, and LIGHT, all to me, different aspects of God. I am bringing GOD aka LOVE into a world that is so desperate for it.

I am the last person to tell anyone what to do. My final word is always always follow your own heart. I respect ALL who come here and I ask the same from ALL who come to Petals. We are ALL Golden Lights from Divinity walking this earth.

If you are uncomfortable with my way of thinking (yes I do think outside of the box!) or with my terminology referring to certain subjects, please unfollow me. I am here at my blog, working very hard to honor the Divinity in Life by all I do. I encourage ALL who visit my blog, to start opening your “Eyes of Love” in order to both see and feel Divinity that is so present at Petals Unfolding.

Thank you. I do Love you, honor you, and respect you. I accept you for you. Please do the same with me. Bless you! (((HUGS))) Amy


Periwinkle Energy Captured (8 Images)


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*No special effects were used with editing. Only cropping and sharpening were employed.*

Yesterday again,  I (again) saw something that defies logic. With my Canon camera, I captured Energy.

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