Life Is A Gift

60 thoughts on “Life Is A Gift”

  1. I can see you had a great time playing with colors! Great pix AR…Looks like a beautiful place to loose oneself in…Hope you had a great walk. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Sending you love and thoughts…VK ❤

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    1. Do share your dazzling self with those little ones and laugh, Mark! Have fun and embrace all that this day has to offer you! Celebrate your very essence of who you are and don’t be shy to show it, for your light is glorious to see!! (((HUGS)))!!! xo

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  2. Dearest Amy that last couple of photos were enchanting and so very magical.. You truly do have a gift and thank you so much for sharing it with us Amy… I just showed hubby as he mashed me a cuppa lol… And he remarked how beautiful they all are.. I showed him the picture too of Cookie and straight away he said so like our old cat use to be… 🙂
    Thank you dearest friend, I am now going to close down, sup my tea and watch the rain lash upon the windows ..
    Sending Loads of love and enjoy a fabulous weekend..
    Much love Sue ❤

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    1. Oh thank you SO much for showing hubby. I’m touched, Sue! I love sharing my talent and what Mother allows me to see. The magic draws me like a magnet. And when I edited these pictures I was enthralled by the results. I’m so so happy they truly touched you as they do me.

      Stay warm and dry and may your weekend dry up a tad and the sun come out. Much Love to you!! (((HUGS))) xoxoxo

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      1. Thank you Amy… Still pouring it down here.. But going to do some painting art in my spare room after lunch… I need to just BE as you do with Nature this is the next best thing when I can not get into my garden ❤

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    1. HUGE SMILE HERE! I love the way you express yourself, Julie. I really put a lot of effort into these images to create an otherworldly effect. Life is but a dream, yes? But it is a Gift as well. I will have a beautiful weekend! You do the same!! xoxo

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    1. It’s hard for me, Andrew, to have a smile and be grateful when I’m in pain. It’s been months of readjusting my back and legs to line up correctly that has beaten the stuffing out of me. I was just thinking the other day when I have really felt pure joy. When I’m not in pain, my usual is a smile and joy. Wishing you a great week as well!! I’m committed in getting my gardens closed for the season. Massive undertaking especially when in a great deal of pain ….. Acupuncturist appt. tomorrow, THANK GOD!! xo

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    1. That’s what I’m here for at times …. I share what I have learned. We all can learn from each other, agreed? And thank you about my pictures. So happy you enjoyed them. xo


    1. Rupali, bless you and THANK YOU for this valuable feedback!! It is SO appreciated!! I do live life to the fullest! As I told my sis, it matters not to me how much I am worth monetarily. I will keep on doing for myself, working darn hard at times. My hands can attest to how hard I’ve been working lately. Hubby, in trying to get a sliver out of my thumb, said, “Honey, your skin is as tough as leather. I cannot get this out without really hurting you.” If you read my latest post, my hands are tough as leather because of the extremely hard gardening work I’m presently involved in. Even with the many $$$ I do have, I insist for as long as I can do it, to keep on creating with my own two hands! (smile) xo

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