Having not been out with my cameras for far too long(!), I ran a marathon one morning in order to make time for myself. My goal was to go to a park I love with the sole intention of creating a Walk-About Prayer. The purpose of my prayer was to help addd to the disarming … Continue reading Walk-About

Wounded Child

If what I am about to discuss you consider politically incorrect, move on. The¬†following words are based on my experiences. I know I am not alone, hence the reason for this post. My intention is to bring to light subject matter IMO that imperatively needs to be addressed.¬†   In speaking to one of my … Continue reading Wounded Child


*Play music as you view this post. You may also wish to bookmark this video to both watch and listen to.*   *I¬†think¬†therefor¬†I AM …* I AM Abundance   I AM Free-In-Spirit   I AM Love   I AM Creation   I AM Sacred   I AM Purity   I AM Divinity   I AM … Continue reading I AM

Powerful Thoughts

When you believe and think something is impossible to do not even attempting to do what you think is impossible to do you will have cheated yourself out of a golden opportunity to prove to yourself you can [possibly] master the impossible when you do try and then to your surprise oh my gosh(!)¬†succeed, you … Continue reading Powerful Thoughts

The Devil Called Habit

*Contains some strong language.* The man¬†begins to see¬†a¬†habit. ¬†Yet he continues to run to that habit¬†whenever Life gets tough. ¬†Regardless of who he¬†hurts he¬†runs to that habit to indulge. ¬†It numbs him¬†for a little bit. ¬†It makes him¬†forget his¬†troubles. ¬†And it lies to him each and every time that this is where it’s at, flying … Continue reading The Devil Called Habit