Big Brother


I Love you so much
that at times I think
my Heart will just explode!

Charlie and Rusty

Photography/ “Big Brother” 2016©AmyRose

It seems in the transference of photographs from my Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone into my laptop, the quality of the image changes. This picture was not only challenging to get as I shot into the light, but when I was able to open it in PS on my Mac, it did not look like the picture that was on my phone.  So, that being said, I am going to attach my 17-55mm lens to my Canon camera body and begin taking pictures of my “kids” with my Canon to get better quality pictures.

I hope you can see the adoration on Charlie’s face in this image.  Everyone adores Rusty in this house, and big brother Charlie is no exception.

We are taking Prinny to the Vet this morning for a complete assessment and blood work analysis.  Praying we can find answers which have “easy fixes”, we hope today will bring a way for us to help her better.

Enjoy this post and I will again do my best to be here to converse with you.  It is raining cats and dogs today so I get a day off from gardening.  Oh yes, friends, I need a garden vacation about right now.  (smile)  I’ll see you when I see you. (((HUGS)))

34 thoughts on “Big Brother

    1. Cats are well known for insisting on having their own territory. I was determined from the start to teach these cats to really Love one another. That and the fact they are special needs I think has made them more comfortable to want to snuggle and to be close. To see the effect of my efforts just goes to show you anything truly is possible with Love. 🙂 ❤

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  1. What wonderful pictures and agree that you can see the love!! Hoping that you get easy results today when you go. We finally have sunshine and near 60. Wishing you a good day my friend ❤

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  2. awesome words and picture. Girlies so happy to show other Cousins Pink Lady’s Family of cuties, lots of ooohs and ahhhh and awwwwwws……… Wishing you a great Monday and rest of week, we are away from homeplace, but still around family so not too uncomfy or strange. Memphis is almost like home away from home when lots come with us or meet us there. Kids are enjoying Memphis in May, and I’m enjoying Kiddies and MG. ;<)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) xoxoxo

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  3. Such a telling photo Amy, all about love 😀
    Send you my best thoughts for Prinny and hope that she will receive the right help for her now.
    I made a link for your blog in a post a little ago, because I feel sure, that you will find some inner sunshine by looking at these photos and here you get it again:
    I know, that links easy disappear. Remember to tell me, if I can help you, dear friend.
    Much love to all of you ❤ Irene

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    1. Oh, Julie, I really hope your pooch is all right. Our cat is sick yet her blood work is normal. So we just keep on doing what we have and keep trying Homeopathy remedies to help her even more. Sending Love to you, dear friend. ❤

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  4. Ahhhh….prescious! I like this picture Amy! It looks like a painting. The light on it is very interesting! Love those white whiskers and brows! Would love to see you use brush strokes over it on a canvas. Sending loving healing to your dear little one in need. 💗🌹😇

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    1. Thank you for the healing to my little one in need. She is still with us for she has not given me “the look” telling me that’s it. I have a “hospice” situation here right now so it is intense. And yes I LOVE my cherished cats and will take care of them to the end even if I am ready to drop some days. Much Love, Denise!!! ❤


  5. There was a lot of your effort put into this, Amy! You should be proud of how the cats love each other. I love how they are all curled up. Rusty is not even showing face but I do see Charlie’s loving adoration! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you, Robin, for seeing my efforts. Yes my cats really Love each other and sometimes I just observe with my Heart in my throat. I am proud of myself because yes it was a lot of work and still is today! Charlie is a sweetheart. All he ever has wanted was to be Loved. And now he is. 🙂 ❤


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