Regardless …

64 thoughts on “Regardless …”

      1. How do you think I feel in the person when these magnificent waters are before me? I Bliss right out on the spot! LOL


  1. You really captured the peacefulness of the place. My reader didn’t pick up your recent post 😕 I admire your photo skills, Amy!


    1. Thank you, Amy, from the bottom of my Heart. I admire your work as well, you know. Yes, I’ve been having reader issues too. Again …. *sighs* (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. OH! Amy, you are making me cry! I am very contemplative today and do not plan on being here today. I really was questioning if what I am doing here is making any difference. I honestly am crying. You are an answer to prayer. I will be at Niagara River today, going to a park I went to as a child to get rebalanced. Bless you, Amy, for saying what you did. You have NO idea how heavy my heart has been this morning. I DO Love you! Love, Amy


      2. In your they are more than photos, because you do it with love, passion… and you convey it through you photos. Love you, Amy


  2. Gorgeous photograph to accompany these poetic and wise words…
    Thank you for sharing! You are a blessing. Love & Light, Gina


    1. You are SO welcome, Gina!!! My pleasure it is to share with you words I “hear” and the photos that I am privileged to take. (((HUGS))) Amy


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