Flight To Heaven (6 IMAGES)

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gazing upon Unknown Territory I marvel at the Arresting Scape in multitudes of dazzle while fluttering butterflies tango in my tum ~~~~ My long awaited take-off succeeds allowing me wings¬† gliding elegantly effortlessly in the Horizon of Blue to explore this Unknown Scape ~~~~ Yet within … Continue reading Flight To Heaven (6 IMAGES)

Deer Art

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Photograph taken today at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park. I took the wrong lens with me and due to the staggering number of missed shots, I will not ever make this mistake again. I was amazed by how many photographers I saw today in this park … Continue reading Deer Art

Announcing …

Last evening a display of vibrant oranges and reds and yellows splashed across the darkening skies. This week is going to be a good one, I can just feel it. Why do I say this? How else could a week be any other then good when the very sky itself announces boldly that this week … Continue reading Announcing …


Oh my goodness!! ¬†Involved with a vacuum cleaner I heard my husband say, “Amy, come quick!” ¬†So I ran and to my utter amazement saw this huge wild female turkey in our backyard. ¬†We have not seen wild turkeys here in at least 30 years so you can imagine my excitement! While running for my … Continue reading Give-Away

Spring! (2 IMAGES)

Spring! Even though snow still shows these tiny little ones with ¬†power¬†in ONE push through frozen ground giving JOY that abounds! ~~~~ Below is an image to give you an idea how tiny these Crocus sprouts are. ¬†Compare them to one leaf: ~~~~ Spring! ¬†My jubilation is fierce! ¬†Flowers are coming, they are coming! ¬†These … Continue reading Spring! (2 IMAGES)


This photo was just taken out our study window at 7pm EST today. ¬†You can barely make out our pole barn it is snowing and blowing so hard. ¬†It is really coming down and according to Hubby not about to stop within the next few days. ¬†Oh boy!! Yeah yeah yeah … despite my toes … Continue reading OH OH

Harmonious Geometry

I was so focused on getting this icicle lined up as I wanted, I never consciously took notice of the background. ¬†I always “soften” my gaze out of “habit” so yes I knew that background was present. ¬†I not only take into consideration what my focal point is but what is included in the entire … Continue reading Harmonious Geometry


Self-Realization comes with it Wisdom accrued with age as the one who realizes on the Self-Realization Path what was thought to be known is not quite known after all ~~~~~ Photography/ “Self-Realization”/ February 2017¬©AmyRose http://www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com The colors in the skies lately¬†have been mouth dropping spectacular! ¬†I took this image from¬†my kitchen window looking at our … Continue reading Self-Realization

Prayer (2 IMAGES)

Prayer without Heart connection projects only empty words ~~~~~~~ Photography/ “Prayer” December 2016¬©AmyRose http://www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com This “experiment” inadvertently happened. ¬†Upon my first shot in¬†this series on my photo shoot last Saturday, my image I captured¬†was blue. ¬†I stood there in absolute shock, not knowing what in the heck turned my image blue. ¬†I looked at my … Continue reading Prayer (2 IMAGES)


This is an actual photograph, a shot of our extremely blue sky yesterday. ¬†I did no editing with this except for resizing, so what you see is what I saw. Barely any wind coupled with this blue sky made for a very magical day especially as I strolled through a local park in a land … Continue reading Peace


And here¬†all along I thought that Roses only¬† had thorns on their stems … Seems I was wrong ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Thorns” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Just enjoy this incredible proof that thorns do exist on the leaves of Roses. When I saw what was magnified on my lens viewfinder, I couldn’t believe me eyes. … Continue reading Thorns

A Reminder

A reminder of what is to come … ~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “A Reminder” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com This shot was extremely difficult to get. ¬†It was windy. ¬†The object itself is top heavy. ¬†It took many shots before I captured one that was not blurry. ¬†It was just so unique looking I just had to … Continue reading A Reminder

Ah Choo!

Ah Choo! ¬†Ah Choo! Bless you! ¬†Bless you! Ragweed oh my the wheeze the sneeze … oh tissue please! ~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Ah Choo!” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Photograph taken with my Canon 6D. ¬†My macro is “getting there”. Continue reading Ah Choo!

Wordless Wednesday

Photographed on August 21st @7:52pm with my Canon EOS 6D Settings: ¬†ISO 200, F/4.5, SS 1/1600s, FL 90mm *I had to adjust the exposure on this image, for it came out far too dark.¬† I am presently going through a trial and error phase with my new camera which means¬†I shall practice until I understand¬†this … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday

Mother’s Power

The sheer magnitude of Mother’s Power makes for quakes roiling deep within ~~~~ This photograph was taken with my Canon 6D on August 21st at 7:53pm. ¬†The dark “sheet” that is seen that almost looks to be an overhang, is actually one huge black cloud coming in fast. ¬†Standing there I could smell, feel and … Continue reading Mother’s Power