Lasting Impression

The Presence “Imagine”, he said, “hundreds of years from now after we both are gone, this forest will still be here. Here is where the Presence is, within Eternity. I just Love this Forest so much!”   No-Time There we stood, this man and I, quietly and reverently speaking. I shared my Heart by saying, … Continue reading Lasting Impression


*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attempts with new types of photography shots yesterday represented me celebrating my victory in finishing my huge gardening project. I went for a leisurely bike ride first though, after hubby so kindly put air in my tires. If it were me, I would have just gotten … Continue reading Wings

I’m Doing This!

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Between the heat and being tuckered out from this landscape escapade I’ve been involved with, I played hooky again on Tuesday, taking pictures from my backyard and in Como Park. Even though I could barely breathe (NO air!) and literally soaking wet with perspiration (Major shower … Continue reading I’m Doing This!

Wildlife Break

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I took a day off from all the heavy gardening I’ve been doing to go to Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, taking with me my Canon camera and 100-400mm lens. Most of what I shot ended up in the trash bin. This wildlife photography is a … Continue reading Wildlife Break

Flight To Heaven (6 IMAGES)

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gazing upon Unknown Territory I marvel at the Arresting Scape in multitudes of dazzle while fluttering butterflies tango in my tum ~~~~ My long awaited take-off succeeds allowing me wings¬† gliding elegantly effortlessly in the Horizon of Blue to explore this Unknown Scape ~~~~ Yet within … Continue reading Flight To Heaven (6 IMAGES)

Deer Art

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Photograph taken today at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park. I took the wrong lens with me and due to the staggering number of missed shots, I will not ever make this mistake again. I was amazed by how many photographers I saw today in this park … Continue reading Deer Art

Announcing …

Last evening a display of vibrant oranges and reds and yellows splashed across the darkening skies. This week is going to be a good one, I can just feel it. Why do I say this? How else could a week be any other then good when the very sky itself announces boldly that this week … Continue reading Announcing …


Oh my goodness!! ¬†Involved with a vacuum cleaner I heard my husband say, “Amy, come quick!” ¬†So I ran and to my utter amazement saw this huge wild female turkey in our backyard. ¬†We have not seen wild turkeys here in at least 30 years so you can imagine my excitement! While running for my … Continue reading Give-Away

Spring! (2 IMAGES)

Spring! Even though snow still shows these tiny little ones with ¬†power¬†in ONE push through frozen ground giving JOY that abounds! ~~~~ Below is an image to give you an idea how tiny these Crocus sprouts are. ¬†Compare them to one leaf: ~~~~ Spring! ¬†My jubilation is fierce! ¬†Flowers are coming, they are coming! ¬†These … Continue reading Spring! (2 IMAGES)


This photo was just taken out our study window at 7pm EST today. ¬†You can barely make out our pole barn it is snowing and blowing so hard. ¬†It is really coming down and according to Hubby not about to stop within the next few days. ¬†Oh boy!! Yeah yeah yeah … despite my toes … Continue reading OH OH

Harmonious Geometry

I was so focused on getting this icicle lined up as I wanted, I never consciously took notice of the background. ¬†I always “soften” my gaze out of “habit” so yes I knew that background was present. ¬†I not only take into consideration what my focal point is but what is included in the entire … Continue reading Harmonious Geometry


Self-Realization comes with it Wisdom accrued with age as the one who realizes on the Self-Realization Path what was thought to be known is not quite known after all ~~~~~ Photography/ “Self-Realization”/ February 2017¬©AmyRose The colors in the skies lately¬†have been mouth dropping spectacular! ¬†I took this image from¬†my kitchen window looking at our … Continue reading Self-Realization

Prayer (2 IMAGES)

Prayer without Heart connection projects only empty words ~~~~~~~ Photography/ “Prayer” December 2016¬©AmyRose This “experiment” inadvertently happened. ¬†Upon my first shot in¬†this series on my photo shoot last Saturday, my image I captured¬†was blue. ¬†I stood there in absolute shock, not knowing what in the heck turned my image blue. ¬†I looked at my … Continue reading Prayer (2 IMAGES)