Pitter Patter

72 thoughts on “Pitter Patter”

    1. I wrote this, Susan, in a matter of moments. I jazzed it up a bit afterwards but the words came when I instantly went into my zone with the rain. Hubs’ mouth fell open asking how I wrote that so fast. Hehehehehehe Hmmmm…..Perhaps I am beginning to get hubs’ respect? I little? Maybe? xx


      1. Ah no need to bow my Amy. It is I who should bow to you my Friend. You have been touched by Freyja and it shows.

        All my love 🙂

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      2. *very humbled* The poem you see today was written under 4 minutes. Hubs’ mouth dropped open. So did mine. The rain immediately pulled me in and I became ONE with Her. It took a bit of time to make this poem pretty but the basics came fast. Yes, Lora, I have been touched by the Lady and I am stunned. I hope to work on the special message that was born when I spoke to you yesterday, TODAY. The perfect photos must be accompanied by these words. It is a must!!! Love you! Amy


  1. Hello Amy…

    what a beautiful brief poem I love the sound of the title and the images are truly graphic, great poetic effect achieved here,

    best wishes, Aquileana 😛


    1. The rain honestly just pulled me in and it was a very magical moment. I felt at ONE with everything around me, and warm and fuzzy, just like I said. It was a “blip” I suppose where all else around me faded out as I heard and felt only the rain. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. Image and poem in absolute harmony ! Looks and sounds to my ears like a symphony of ‘sparkling’ rain droplets and rose petals … So sweet,dear Amy !!!
    Thaaaaank you for the rain notes ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬♬♬(♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬ !!!
    A big bear HUG and Love, Doda xxx 🙂


    1. OH, Doda, you are wonderfully talented!!! You are such a JOY, do you know this? I light up everytime I see you here. Thank you, my dearest friend, for being who you are!!! I love you! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Thank you for your praiseful reply,dear friend Amy 🙂 I don’t know what I am,I only know that your posts,images,prose,poems are so inspirational that I could never,ever stay passive in front of all this beauty … You give endless motivation and we simply respond. Big (((( hugs ))), Doda xxx 🙂


  3. Beautiful! And a timely reminder to appreciate April’s rain and flowers, staying present in the moment. I’ve resolved to improve my outlook on life by visiting a positive blog every day of 2014, keeping a list of my daily travels on my own blog as a resource, and am glad I found my way here. You have a lovely site. 🙂


    1. Good for you, Meg. Stay positive. Look at the good. Look at the beautiful. Focus on those things. No, it is not denying our problems, not at all. When you think “uplifting thoughts” your life does become better. Love, Amy


  4. Amy, with your precious words I can hear the soft pitter patter of raindrops on the dusty window panes of your garden shed. Through your kitchen window, you are peering as you watch your children of multi colors being fed from the heavens above. Delicious!


    1. *jaw drops open* Harold, your magic with words is astounding. Thank you for sharing them with me. Whether you know it or not, you gave me a Great Gift today regarding my children. Bless you 100 times over! Love, Amy


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