Choose Happy

I laid the law down. ¬†Firmly. ¬†Without ¬†rancor or anger I spoke softly. ¬†“This Christmas if I can do it so can you.” ¬†So on I went face-to-face with hubby. ¬†This Christmas no depression, no blues, no hiding. ¬†This year it will be smiles and having a good day! Friends, if you are not married … Continue reading Choose Happy

I Got The Shot

Yes, it poured. Yes, the skeeters ate me alive. Yes, my cell that barely rings rang 4 times, 3 being an unknown number. ¬†Grrrrr …. Yes, hubby called telling me there is a tornado watch. ¬†So? ¬†It’s only a watch. ¬†Besides today is a good day to die. ¬†I really stood there looking at the … Continue reading I Got The Shot

Rain (2 IMAGES)

Red in the mornin’ Sailors’ warnin’ … Oh yes it rained! ~~~~ Info: Canon EOS 6D with EF f/4 ¬†24-105mmL IS USM Lens Image 1: ¬†9-17-16, Time 7:06am, ISO 100, f/4.5, SS 1/320s, FL 105mm Image 2: ¬†9-17-16, Time 7:26am, ISO 100, f/4.5, SS 1/10s, FL 105mm (Hand held) Photography/ “Rain” September 2016¬©AmyRose These … Continue reading Rain (2 IMAGES)

Pitter Patter

 Listening to the pitter patter
of raindrops on my windowpane,
I slip quietly into the Moment
where we are but One Name.

Continue reading “Pitter Patter”