North Pole Vortex

11 thoughts on “North Pole Vortex”

    1. Thank you, Jen. I was just going around my house taking pics of the snow plastered on windows. Pretty neat. I plan on putting more photos on tonight just to show everyone how furious this storm is. Fast too. Cars on the road with emergency blinkers on going at a crawl. They are nuts being out. Not ME! HUGS! xxoo


  1. Haven’t been here in many, many days, Amy, handling my own stuff. But wanted you to know am holding you, outside and inside babies, hubs and all in Golden White Light throughout this mess.
    I refuse to go into fear for any of you. I see you all still enveloped in God’s Loving warmth peeking out in wonder after the blast has passed, all A-OK! Keep smiling, as your smiles add to the warmth.
    Also enlarging the circle to include all of your area.

    With my Love, Lin


    1. Lin, it is a mess. Yet, I am actually having FUN taking pictures. LOL The cats next door in the barn…..there again, I refuse to go into fear, but, the temperatures are horrible. Facts are fact. We have blankets stuffed at both doors and hay everywhere, blankets in the hay for nests, you name it. Trying to keep them fed and I go over there twice sometimes three times a day.

      Just taking a few photos tonight outside I just about froze.

      Love to you!! I’m handling things as well. The energies have been “tough”. But I AM sailing through!!

      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy


  2. It seems that we´ll have storms all over the world these days 😉 We had our worst storm even in November, up to 38 m/sand lots of trees will remain on the ground for a long time to come. But we have coped with worse storms – haven´t we?;)

    It’s upside-down world now as it normally is here we would have the North Pole weather. My thoughts are with you all.



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