Expanding Consciousness (7 IMAGES)

Friends, the following series of photographs are the very last of my first trip to Glen Falls located in Williamsville, NY. That trip happened on July 20, 2014. I hope you really enjoy these images today! Keep in mind, I still have one entire series of Glen Falls from another trip, after we had massive amounts of rain, to share with you!

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The Dream of the Planet Starts with You (Quote)

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 In the Toltec Tradition, we have the concepts of the Personal Dream and the Dream of the Planet.

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Instead I Found … (6 IMAGES)

Today found me
way high in the country

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More Glen Falls (8 IMAGES)

As promised, I present to you more photographs of Glen Falls taken at slow shutter speeds. Keep in mind, that I was up against the sun that kept coming out from behind clouds, so some photos are taken with slower (silkier looking) shutter speeds then others. With cloud cover I was able to get slower shutter speeds to get that silky look.

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More of Glen Falls (7 IMAGES)

My tour of Glen Falls continues with you. I just found out yesterday, that these Falls in Williamsville, NY are classified as a National Landmark. So, keep this in mind when you view them. They are spectacular, I will be the first to say this! I’m still going through the photos from the first day I did a shoot and at a glance, I believe I have one more post to give you which will wrap up Day One of Glen Falls.

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07 29 14_9809
When will tools of war be put down?

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Glen Falls Continued (7 IMAGES)

The first SIX photos are from the day the sun was playing tag with the clouds when I was at Glen Falls, so there are some images where the highlights I know are overexposed. I have done my best to tone everything down, to get everything looking as I saw it. My knowledge of working with Adobe PS has a long ways to go yet. I am still very much in the learning process with this editing program.

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From Bottom to Top (5 IMAGES)

As I promised all of you, I am now beginning the posts with the images of Glen Falls. Thank you for being patient with me. I have many other photos of waterfalls I have yet to show you, but I have decided to start with Glen Falls.

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Where Peace Resides

~~~~~~~ If you seek Peace within this world Peace shall not be found For Peace resides in just one place … Within your very Heart. ~~~~~~~~ ¬† Photography/Poem 2014¬©AmyRose (Photo taken at Glen Falls) [Yes, those actual waterfall photos are coming … smile] Continue reading Where Peace Resides

As I Was … (2 IMAGES)

As I was photographing more waterfalls today, my husband was sitting on a bench behind me, playing with my new cell phone camera. With it, he took some photos of me as I was very intently focused on what was before me. It was very hot today, and at one point, the sweat was dripping down into my eyes, so I stopped to wipe my face with my right hand. Sitting there on a very hard rock, contorted into a semi-yoga position, I just about boiled. Yet, I kept on.

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