The Dream of the Planet Starts with You (Quote)

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 In the Toltec Tradition, we have the concepts of the Personal Dream and the Dream of the Planet.

The Personal Dream refers to how you see the world and how you in turn project the world. It relates to your point of view. You are 100 percent responsible for your Personal Dreams.

The Dream of the Planet is the relationship between two or more Personal Dreams. For example, if you and I were physically in the same space, and if you were to touch your fingertip to mine, I would say that 50 percent of our relationship ends at that meeting point. I am responsible for myself from my body through the ends of my fingertips — completely responsible –just as you are responsible for yourself through the tips of your fingers. When we meet, we’ll experience synergy, and we all contribute our Personal dreams to the Dream of the Planet. Ultimately, the Personal Dream is the more important one, for two resaons:  that is where it all starts, and that is the dream you have ultimate control over.


Remember, if you want to change the world, the first step is accepting yourself as you are in this moment, and change, with the freedom that life gives you, if you want to. Awareness, or the practice of being in communication with this moment and my present environment, is the key.

Photography 2014©AmyRose


“Living a Life of Awareness”

by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

54 thoughts on “The Dream of the Planet Starts with You (Quote)

      1. Today was the PERFECT day (yesterday) to post this concept. People clamor for change. Well, change all begins with the individual, and no where else. So instead of pointing the finger at others, begin with self. And that ripples out to others. (smile) Love, Amy


    1. It goes with what day it is, don’t you think? I know many people’s hearts do hurt today, yet in order for this world to be one of Peace, that Peace must start with our own life. BIG (((HUGS))) MB


    1. I thank you, Marissa. This was taken at Lake Erie at sunset. I have an entire series I have yet to show. Looks like I have more then enough of a supply for the winter months, unless that is, I begin to shoot during those months. Could very well be you know! I’ve been known to be adventurous! LOL Love, Amy


      1. I have also been busy and I’m not so much online, even I would like to be a better follower and comment more again. That might wait until my next house…
        I hope you are okay Amy?


      2. Oh, Irene, just knowing you come to see me is enough, really. We all at times have Life so full that we can barely see. I’m doing well, after a very intense Summer with a very critically ill cat and then another one stung by hornets who went into anaphylactic shock. Yep. And then taking oh about 12,000 photos to which I say I am yet not done. LOL Repairs on the house, trying to get a plan in motion to be able to move to a warmer climate some day. “We all go through Seasons, some very busy, some very sad, some very lonely, and some just so glad … and then that Season comes to an End, and new Season is known instead.” All is Good. (((HUGS))) Amy


      3. This is my motivation, Irene. It is the cold that increases my pain, that, and the attitude of people in the place I now live is so narrow and small. Hopefully within 5 years this plan will be instituted. I am happy for you that you now live in a place better for you. Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Amy


    1. It is a tough day for a LOT of people, Suzie. That is why I opted to focus on PEACE and to make a change that begins with US. We are almost done with this day, my friend. Hang in there. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. When I was there, I was blown away! RoSy, for real. I have some more series of sunsets I still have yet to show. I do believe I have my shelves all stocked for the winter months so that my supply does not run out. (smile) Thanks, RoSy!! Love, Amy

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful sunset. Also love your inspirational words. Picturing the fingertips barely touching together. Agree that change does begin with me. Lots of Love my Dear Friend ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo HUGS


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