Hardballs (Again!)

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Last Friday night, one moment I was on a beach chair in our backyard gazing up at the moon and the next, standing in my basement looking at a horror scene. Our sanitary tubs had overflowed and there was standing water on the basement floor. In that standing water sat all the laundry waiting to be washed.


That night I was burnt, so tired, brain shut down, body screaming with pain just needing to get to bed where “healing” can take place during sleep. I was in no condition to think much less address an emergency.  None-the-less, here I was smack dab in the middle of a crisis.  Again.

After a mad scramble to remember where the equipment was to use for this emergency, Hubby managed to drain the tubs of their water into our sump pump. Then he decides to fix the blocakage himself instead of calling a plumber. This was at midnight and getting a plumber over here at that time of the day was most likely impossible. Sooooooooo, Hubby claims he has done this before (which he has) so he will do it again.

I’m being “ordered” to do this, hold that, and me in my exhausted state could not interpret what this or that was so I stand baffled, asking what are you talking about? Usually I can understand what that man is talking about when he gets vague but not that night.  My brain just would not turn back on.  We ended up yelling at each other, getting absolutely no where but only angrier with each other.

Finally getting hoses and a pipe bladder together, Hubby inserts said pipe bladder in the clean out, and runs outside to see if any water is coming through the pipe that leads to the sanitary sewer. That would have meant the blockage had cleared.  Meanwhile, I in the basement have both hands pressing down as hard as I can on the stoppers in the sanitary tubs so that the water will not explode upwards in a torrid gush.

Then I hear it. Water dripping. I look over and to my horror I see water leaking from another pipe over Hubby’s table saw. Instead of the water running out our exit pipe it is backing up in other pipes. Because we had water running in order for the pipe bladder to work, I could not shut the water off.  If I did water would come gushing out as I take my pressure off either stopper.

So I screamed at the top of my lungs for Hubby to get back in the house and it is a miracle he even heard me for there are no windows in the front of our basement wall which is a six inch cement wall.  How he heard me is still a mystery.

Running to the basement, Hubby shuts the water off and then decides to pull the bladder out in the clean out where it was. The moment he does Mt. Shitmore blows and shit water flies all over the place. The pressure was so great that it knocked my hands off the stoppers and now I was not only covered in shit as was my husband but my hands and forearms were in shit as frantically I struggle to get those stoppers back on. All of my laundry waiting for the washer was soaking now in shit.

My husband took a direct hit, he being right in front of the clean out.  Friends, it really wasn’t pretty.

I put my head down on the edge of the tub and cried, shaking, just not able to take one more mishap. So darn tired I could not even cry any tears. I screamed at God, screamed at Hubby, screaming I needed a new life.  I screamed among other things, “Am I cursed or what????”

We managed to get Mt. Shitmore to stop but what a mess to clean up. Thank goodness we have a dry/wet vac and with a back and body that screamed with pain I began to clean up that shit water. Meanwhile Hubby is desperately trying to call a 24-hour plumber but get this, mostly answering services were a result with only ONE person returning his call out of about seven or eight companies.  Twenty four service is a bunch of hooey, at least in the plumbing world.

Around 3am, still cleaning up shit water, I could not take one more step. I couldn’t. And I could not take a shower either, nor Hubby, so I filled a sink with water, washed as best as I could after stripping off my filthy clothes, and I tumbled into bed. I was so upset I barely slept so I have been so exhausted up until today. The aftermath and the ramifications pay a toll.

Hubby felt so bad that he did not call a plumber when we only had clean water on the basement floor, he wrung out every piece of laundry that was on the floor for me.  I am talking five large loads of laundry. I’d gotten behind again due to the fast balls that keep on coming called Life. When I found out the next morning what he did I just hugged him and OH I said I thank YOU!!!

All Saturday I washed, dried, folded, hung, and put away six (not five) loads of laundry.  Not knowing how I would be able to stand much less do this, I just did it.

Seven-thirty that morning a plumber finally calls and arrangements are made for he to come here.  He has this amazing snake machine that unblocks the blockage. Assessing the problem we are told we have a break in our cast iron pipe leading out of our house which goes to the sanitary sewer. We are scheduled at that time for Wednesday to get the pipe repaired.

Until we get the problem permanently fixed we cannot put any toilet paper in the toilets. Sweet. So we are throwing our used toilet paper in a bag then putting that in the garbage. Another plumber who our neighbor highly recommended came out this morning to assess the damage and he almost walked away because by this time my husband is in a royal PTSD state, manic, asking stupid questions and basically making this guy feel as if he did not know what he is talking about.

That is when I ran interference and the man accepted the job. Thank goodness he did because instead of having to dig up my beautiful garden, the job can be fixed from the inside. What a Blessing! The other plumbing company that was scheduled to be here on Wednesday would have dug up my gorgeous garden, disrupting the “order” that is so evident here.

But, instead of throwing out our used toilet paper only for one more day if we had stayed with the first plumbing company, now we must do so for two weeks.  That is when this second company will be able to fix our pipe.

That is my story for today.  Now, Life, can you quit throwing those hardballs so that I can recoup?  I mean, …. REALLY!!!

I did not take pictures of the disaster area so chose instead a beautiful Peony to offset this shit story.

MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Hardballs (Again!)” 2016©AmyRose

*Sorry, friends, still planting so not blogging and still cleaning up shit.*
PS  Please laugh.  I actually did in some parts reading this!


81 thoughts on “Hardballs (Again!)

  1. Horrific story, Amy, yet there’s a bit of Lucy and Ricky in this story. 😉 Why do these things have to happen at night?
    When you go to Mexico or Latin America, everyone puts their toilet paper in the wastebasket because the septic systems are so fragile. Not exactly sanitary. It takes some getting used to, but you get the hang of it. It may not help knowing that millions of people do this, but know that you are not alone!
    Sending you peace and serenity. Your peonies are gorgeous. I hope you put a vase of them next to your bed to perfume your sleep. 🙂

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    1. Eliza, hubby and I are Lucy and Ricky more then you know. Tee hee …. I didn’t mention it but I was in my nightgown, robe and slippers. Slippers are now in the garbage. Anyways, Life has got to stop throwing these hardballs soon! I can only admire my Peonies outside because my cats eat flowers when I bring them in. *sigh* Yeah, I know. Thank you for the Peace and Serenity. God knows I need those qualities and in large doses!!! (((HUGS))) ❤

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  2. Oh my gosh Amy you do have a black shit, couldn’t resist the pun, cloud following you around these days. I would have crumpled into a sobbing mass in the midst of this one too. Dang, enough is enough!!!! Lord, I lift Amy and her hubby up and ask that you would stop the calamities that are occurring in their lives and bring them rest and peace as long as it is needed for their health and well-being. It is in your name above all name Jesus that I ask. Amen!

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    1. God bless you, Natalie. I don’t think I have ever had this many hard balls thrown at me so fast, so furious, so back to back. I’m really still cleaning the basement but right now outside with plants. I need them SO much as well as the sunshine. Shine shine the black away ….. Not to come back any soon day!!! (Smile) Love you, Amy ❤

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    1. ALL my flowers this year are stunning, Natalie. Yes I have been taking pictures. It is just the point in getting them here! We have had no rain, not even Spring rains, so all flowers that are very susceptible to rain, as roses and peonies are (and Lilacs come to think of it) their blooms have been staying longer. And the colors!!! Mama Mia!!! Vibrant!!! ❤

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      1. Aw, Natalie, you make me so humble. I realized that with every single image I am showing you emotions of mine along with the creation I am photographing. I am SO connected to Mother and that I believe is what makes my images stunning. Sending Much Love!!! ❤

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  3. I did laugh, and I feel a little guilty about it. But having experienced similar shitstorms, I can see the humor creeping in as it replaces the wee hour whining and whimpering. Three cheers for the compassionate plumber!

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    1. Sue, if I did not have my sense of humor, I do not know how I would survive my life. Yes, I did write at times with a slant of humor on purpose. In fact, today I have been laughing so hard thinking back what happened and how both hubby and I acted. It’s hilarious. It wasn’t at the time, believe me! Anyways, I am SO glad you enjoyed a take from my life. The strangest things really do happen to me. LOL Oh man! When my Life finally settles down I will be on over to get to know you and your blog better. I’m just one woman juggling so much right now. ❤

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    1. Ha Ha, Scott. Those T-shirts go right along with “I survived 2013 Storm Knife” T-shirts when we got sacked with 7 feet of snow. And no, I won’t put them in the basement. I’ll wash them by hand. LOL ❤


  4. Oh dear. I did have a giggle at this, but can appreciate how you would have felt so late at night when you are already exhausted. Go out and take a lot of bright colourful photos of your beautiful garden to take away those dark clouds in your life. That is what I do when a dark cloud follows me around. All the best Amy

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  5. Oh no, dear Amy, what a shit story….
    This way with the paper is also going on some places in Spain. I have lived in 2 houses here, where we needed to trash the paper, because the pipes are thin and easy get problems.
    Good that you are able to laugh a little now, even it was everything else than fun in the situation for both of you.
    Now I better understand, that you have been far away, while I try to contact you for healing.
    Send you lots of kind thoughts, love and abundance. Remember to take good care of yourself.
    Much love ❤ Irene

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  6. I’ll laugh s little at the way you wrote this, Amy but I feel so bad. I feel particularly bad for your husband. Being someone who knows how to do things, and has done things, I understand the reasons behind his attempt. Worst case scenarios do happen. I’m very sorry this one happened to you.

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    1. Dan, when the going gets tough the tough get going. Yet, I really do question God sometimes. I mean really??? Perhaps all the “shit”, now that it HAS hit the fan will be over and I can finally get into a nice gentle cantor on my horse again. *sigh* I hope!!! Much Love, ❤

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  7. Feel for you… really do. The peonies are a gorgeous way of dealing with all that ____. Requesting snow cones in place of hardballs, please.

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  8. WOW Amy! Someone who’s actually had the monkey experience!

    Three scientists were one day discussing what would happen if they rammed a cork up an elephant’s backside and force fed it for 2 weeks. But because the experiment had never been documented and the idea was hard to comprehend they decided to have a go. A week after the experiment had started they began to realize WHY the idea had never been tried, they were stuck for someone to pull the cork out.

    One of the scientists came up with the bright idea of training a monkey to do the job, so they spent the next week training it to pull out corks once a buzzer had rung, then push it back in for another go. The big day arrived, they set up all the monitoring equipment and set out to a safe distance.

    The first scientist went 1 mile away, the second went 2 miles away and the third went 3 miles. When they were all ready the first scientist pushed the button to sound the buzzer.


    The third scientist (3 miles away) was up to his ankles in shiat, the second (2 miles away) was up to his knees and the first (1 mile away) was up to his waist. When the others joined the scientist who was 1 mile away they noticed that he was in fits of laughter.

    “What the %$*& is so funny?” asked one of the scientists.

    “You should have seen the monkey’s face trying to get the cork back in!!!”

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  9. Ah Amy…you do realise that by going through this absolute horror you are being tested (for yourself), and you will reach a more beautiful and open heart. It just takes a little while to scrape of the aftereffects, but in the meantime, wear it with pride, you’ve taken a journey like no other…and I mean no other, I’ve never touched anything remotely as bad as that….I keep having these visions of you in the basement at midnight, wading in shit, screaming at the universe…’why me!’ 😀
    Deep breeeeeathe…hold….and release 😀
    And you know you will look back on this later and shake your head….you should have taken a photo, but it will never replace what it felt like to go through all of this time, it will leave something of much more value ❤

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    1. What a heartfelt, honest and Loving comment, Mark. Bless you! I honestly cannot believe today that I actually did keep my hands and forearms in that disgusting shit water until hubby got the gusher under control. What a nightmare!! I still have yet to gain the understanding of what has been achieved from all this, but I HOPE to. Taking a photo was honestly the last thing, no, it wasn’t even on my mind at all. All I was thinking at the time was how to survive this disaster. Then of course when some time passed I thought OH I should have taken some pics. LOL Oh well. The images are burned in my brain for Eternity, believe me!!! LOL ❤

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  10. I am sorry to hear about the broken pipe and the mishap events that got along with. I am glad that only messy place and inconvenient that it costs you but you and your husband are fine otherwise. On the contrary of the story, these are gorgeous picture of the peonies.

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  11. Wow! I appreciate you being able to write about this experience and for choosing to share a photo of peonies today. I really liked hearing that your garden isn’t going to get tampered with. Blessings!

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    1. My Heart has been guiding me to really put my LIFE out there, in the form of my blog, and if you ask me if that is scary, the answer is yes. I am not hiding but showing all who read my posts just how challenging a Life I lead at times. At this point I really don’t know how people will “react” to my true Life stories, but so far from what I have seen, my Heart again is not leading me wrong. ❤


  12. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry you had to go through this. Last month just after I came home from the hospital after nearly dying from a tear in my stomach, our well pump died. We had no water at all. Had to buy jugs of water and bottled water to cook with and to drink. I took a plastic 10 gallon bucket into the bathroom, and that’s what we used because we couldn’t use the toilet. So glad we live in the woods and could just empty the bucket out there. A new well pump cost over $1,000, but now we are okay. Except they put chlorine in the well to sanitize it, and we still couldn’t drink the water for another week! Honestly, what you went through sounds much worse. Sending good thoughts that everything begins to go smoothly for you.

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    1. I honestly don’t know how to respond to your story. My God, how awful! And what you have been through is by far, much worse then what I went through. I pray your health returns and you gain your strength back. I do have functioning toilets, thank goodness. I just cannot throw the used toilet paper in the toilet, that’s all. NO BIG DEAL. 🙂 ❤

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  13. I feel so bad for both of you but also had to laugh. You really didn’t deserve this shit..lol. Love the peony and the details are amazing. Take care and bet you will be glad when the plumber finishes!! Hugs ❤

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      1. Kathy, thank you! But we really are doing OK. Our toilets we can use, just not able to throw the toilet paper in the toilet. Bless you for your concern. And make sure you thank Craig for me!!! Have a wonderful day! ❤

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    1. Kathy, I pray that this “phase” of my Life will soon pass. It has been pouring here disasters galore. Enough!!!! And yes my Peonies are still amazing, staying in a way I have never seen due to us not getting any rain. I’ve been employed in the hose marathon running from garden to garden to keep the dirt moist. Huge drought going on here, my friend. Creeks are drying up. I was in a creek bed just the other day that probably holds about 3-4 feet of water. No longer. Dry as a bone right now!! And we have NO biting insects either. Strange, very very strange. Love you!!! ❤

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      1. Every time it is supposed to rain here, it breaks up and scatters, hitting the outlaying areas around us. It is just so strange. My roses, because of lack of rain, have never looked better. They are picture perfect!! ❤

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  14. Oh my goodness! Take some deep breaths outside among your flowers and plants! Surround yourself with the beauty that your eyes see so wonderfully! I am so sorry that you have been going through so much! Hang tight! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Bless you, dear friend. Carol, if it were not for Mother I don’t think I would have survived all the disasters one after the other. Life has just got to slow down for me. I mean, really!!! Hope to be back to blogging soon. I’m still so involved. This is so nice that once in a while I open comments and touch bases with friends. I miss you guys!!!! ❤

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  15. Love the peony Amy. The “events”…. not so much, I feel so bad for you. But the way you Wrote this post. My word, you put a humorous spin on it, which was really amazing. I’m sending powerful thoughts of love, healing, peace and protection from further….. events! big hugs Amy.
    Thank God you have your Garden!!


  16. Oh dear Amy… what a Mess… I can only imagine the horror and the upset. I am so pleased though your garden is not getting dug up.
    I hope you are now recovering and getting things sorted as well as feeling brighter in your selves..

    Sending you love
    Sue xxx ❤

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  17. Having gone through several unbelievable experiences lately, I could relate to your story and the exhaustion and frustration. I am so grateful that we have friends to tell our stories to, to laugh over, to cry over and to send hugs when they are necessary. Sending a hug Amy and hoping that life will take a pause and stop sending “hard balls” to you. 🙂

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    1. Bless you, Meliss. So many it seems at this time are having so many troubles. I know it is just not me but man o’live I feel as if I am being used for a battering ram. I hope your troubles are over with and I mean that! I would wish hardship on no one! Thank you for the hugs. Truly they are received. ❤

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  18. Oh Amy, I do not know whether to laugh or cry reading this shit sotry but I ended laughing so hard now. I mean it is really funny, imagining all that you have described.

    And now I am so sorry you had to go through all this. It is well. Sometimes life is like that and the ability to laugh at such mishaps make it all more bearable to go through it.

    All the best with the plumbing works. 🙂

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    1. Honey, I am so happy you laughed. I mean it. When I read my words I laughed too. And then kept laughing and giggling that entire day. Even now when I think of what I went through and what happened, I giggle. It really was NOT funny at the time, but only me, it seems, that life dumps. Yet all of us get dumped on too. I think that is why so many people could relate. LOL
      Our pipe is supposed to be fixed next week and I can finally dispose of the used toilet paper in the toilet. 🙂 ❤


  19. hell of a Deal! wow…jeez………
    when it rains it pours, an murphy likes to hang round for a few hours more sumtimes…
    I think murphy ! thinks its funny..when things fall under his Law …not funny @ all
    but is to him, dat ol guy murphy huh!…if anything could go wrong, well it did, glad that one is over, an hope u’ll never have to experience a shitty day like dat again.wowza…………..


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