Do You?

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Do you know
who you are
without the

who you are?

Photograph of one of my Ground Cover Roses.

How many of us women identify ourselves by how clean our homes are?  God forbid anyone come over if the house is a mess and if they do come we in a desperate mad dash get the house looking as best as possible before we hear that knock on the door.  We would be SO embarrassed if someone should see our house in less then “clean” status.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why must we have a clean house when someone comes over?  Why does it matter so much how our homes look instead the focus being on the person as more important then having a spotless home?

Just the other day my husband went to one of his brother’s music gigs, he picking hubby up so they could drive together.  When I thought my brother in law may come in to use the half-lav, I panicked knowing that it was a mess.  I rushed like an idiot  grabbing towels and using anything just to get that half-lav presentable in case brother- in-law had to use it.  Guess what?  He never did.  My in-laws have this preconceived idea that our home is a total wreck because of our cats.  That misconception is just that.  A fairy tale. And that stupid misconception put me in a panic.  How silly!!

(Oh yes our home is very lived in, as well you can imagine, with the number of precious fur babies we have.  Still and all, I wouldn’t trade the Love and relationship I have with them for a neat, orderly and spotless house!  How sad other people don’t understand.)

After Prinny left us, I could hardly stand to be indoors and could not bring myself to clean the house.  Why?  Because in cleaning, I would be washing her scents off and any evidence that she had been in this home.  Beginning a few days ago the urge to clean came and so I began to deep clean.  I started by emptying, scrubbing and refilling thirteen stainless steel kitty pans. Do you have any idea how heavy kitty litter is?  Heavy.  Take my word for it!

On that same day I vacuumed and washed our kitchen, eating room, dining room, and first floor hallway floors.  By the time I got to the living room floors, I was spent, just too dang tired to even care if those floors needed cleaning.  So I chose the couch and a movie as I relaxed my tired body.

Determined to continue the next day, I stripped all three of our couches of their covers and threw them in the washer to follow up with dryer.  I vacuumed and shampooed said couches (God help me that is hard work!) and on one of my breaks I began to see how deeply disturbed my cats were. They were having a really hard time handling the washing away of Prinny’s scents.  The world of smells is 100% part of a cat’s life.

I immediately stopped.  My “plan” to vacuum and shampoo the second floor rugs came to a screeching halt and will not be done until I see that my cats have adjusted.  I just threw out the window the importance of a clean house over that of the needs of my cats.  Even though my nose wrinkles (Oh yuck not liking this!) when I smell the upstairs rug, darn it, I will NOT clean it until my cats give the OK.

(There are two smells I do not like in my home and that is one, cooking oil and two, animal smells.  Hmmmmm … Ironic with the second one, wouldn’t you say?)

Let me tell you, it feels so darn good not to identify myself with a clean house.  I am me, regardless if my house is clean or not!  My cats are giving me the Gift of Freedom in not identifying myself with a “must” clean house.  *sigh*  How delightful!

MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Do You?” 6-2016©AmyRose

I was going to leave comments open, but last night our stationery tubs in our basement backed up and we have quite the “waste mess” to clean.  Think cesspool.  Total gross. We have a plumber here this morning (as of this writing) and he found that our main pipe leading from the house to the sanitary sewer is cracked from tree roots and there is now dirt and such blocking the pipe.  Lovely.  Friends, Life is just not slowing down for those in this house.  If I am guided, that story will be forthcoming …