Follow Our Hearts

66 thoughts on “Follow Our Hearts”

    1. It is all in our choices, Laura, you are absolutely correct. So glad you can relate to my words today. It is not possible to be happy all of the time, because life itself has its ups and downs. When we live with an open heart and an open mind, we become vulnerable, thus taking a chance on getting hurt. Even in getting hurt, there is a lesson for us, in growth and or self-empowerment. It’s all how you see life. 🙂 Happy Sunday, my friend!! ❤

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      1. NO that’s wrong. It isn’t a sepia effect. I’m not sure what it is but it really deepened and enhanced the colors, making things pop and bring drama into the show. 🙂

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    1. Thank YOU, Dan! I captured last evening more then one optical illusion. If you think this one is, wait until you see what is coming. My teeth clattered to the floor when I saw what I managed to capture as I kept saying HOW did this happen? The light, the angle, the “energy”, all came together last evening perfectly in Harmony to give me truly spectacular results. I am in awe! Again I really thank you for noticing the “different” in this image. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  1. WOW! Yes Amy! I can see the top of the heart. Your imagination fills in the rest. It looks like a Vanlentine… It has a leaky valve there, probably requiring Beaver surgery. But what a clever shot!!

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  2. Wow, I really looked at this a long time. I love the sepia tones. Did you enhance them? It makes the picture look kind of sludgy and evil, but you know me, ha, ha! Is that a stone wall the keeps the water in?

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    1. Yes, I enhanced the colors, Marissa, experimenting with functions I have yet to try. I like the “drama” I created in this image, and the fact how the grasses popped. That stone wall is part of the water falls. That is NOT a wall to keep the water in. The water flows over it making the waterfalls. What you are seeing is an optical illusion. There is ONLY water, no trees. What you are seeing is magic. Wait until you see today’s post. You will NOT believe your eyes. LOL ❤


    1. (smiling) Thank you, Sue!!! I’ve been on a post marathon, why, don’t ask me, I honestly don’t know, but I had to close some comments. I am not able to keep up with those posts that have comments open as it is. LOL And those dirty sneaks not a problem! That is why I use soap and water. 🙂 Have a great day!!! ❤

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