Signs Of Spring (3 IMAGES)

Today in going for a walk in Como Lake Park, I had no intention of taking serious photographs so I did not bring my Canon along, nor my glasses to see with when I take my photographs.  Yet, just because of who I am, I brought my small, light Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 which fits snugly on the belt that supports my carrying case for my CD player and bottle of water.

Well, glad I am that I did bring that camera because I captured some sure signs of Spring!  And not only that, I saw Grackles and Robins today!!  Oh wow wow wow!  I was so busy gawking that it did not even occur to me to take pictures, so you will just have to take my word for it that yes, I really did see these birds today.

While walking in the park I saw this path and wondered what I would find as I meandered down that muddy path. So I decided to go doing my best to keep my sneakers clean.  No I did not succeed in keeping my sneaks clean, yet I did find treasure:


Wouldn’t you say this picture was worth getting my sneakers dirty for?  That is why soap and water are used.  Not a problem!

Continuing my walk I was astonished that in 40°F (8°C), I saw some guys playing tennis.  Again I skipped/walked over muddy ground to get to the tennis players and asked if I could take some pictures.  Now this is the thing.  Without my glasses I honestly could not see clearly my viewfinder, so whenever there was movement on the tennis court, I winged it and took a picture.  This is one of those pictures:


Check out the clouds in the sky!  Even the Angels were rejoicing that these courageous men decided to play a game of tennis, even though they changed the rules as they went along.  Oh how I laughed at their silliness.  Thank you!

Checking the time, I knew I had to skedaddle on home to feed my cats.  Increasing my pace I headed on home, but one more scene before my eyes stopped me just begging me to take Her picture.  So I did and this is what I saw:


I stood there regardless of the time and just drank in deeply.  Ahhhhh ….. Spring!!!

Comments will be closed so just enjoy this post.  I still have as yet to do so many things before my head hits the pillow tonight.  Thank you for coming along on this walk with me!

Photography/ “Signs Of Spring” 2016©AmyRose

Photographs taken at Como Lake Park with my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.