Nurture / Nourrir

18 thoughts on “Nurture / Nourrir”

    1. I was using the Google Translator. Someone was kind enough to tell me the French was not as it should be, so seeing how full my life is right now, I just will stick to English. At least I tried. (smile) Love, Amy


  1. I like the sentiment, Amy … but as for the French – try this:
    “Comme nourrit l’abeille la nature
    en même façon elle nous nourrira.”
    You can’t learn a language using the Google Translator: it’s very useful for a word or a short phrase, but that’s all. I support your wish to master this glorious language; so I adjure you to get some good tapes, or at least have a look at
    And I apologise here and now if I sound like I’m lecturing you – such is far from my wish!!!

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    1. Margaret Rose, I really do thank you. Why? I have SO much on my plate as it is, I really cannot apply myself to learn French. I tried. And I can at least say I did. If I had more time, I would apply myself. I appreciate your comment, because you speak truth. I didn’t say it properly and I thank you for saying I did not. Now I go on. Without the French. LOL I really do treasure you!!! You are as honest as they come!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. If you ever want something translated to add to your posts, ask me, OK? – it would be lovely to see your delightful photos accompanied by something better than Google can offer. 🙂

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      2. Thank you, Margaret Rose, for your offer. I will for now just stick to English as I am up to my eyeballs with photography. I have yet to get into my gardens so that too will bring me here less. I am doing all I can for now, and when my gardens open, I’ll do all I can then as well. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Oh, Wow, Rachel!!! HI!!! Thank you so much for being here! Did you find the way to follow? Are you all set? Oh what JOY you have given me, to know you are here at Petals Unfolding. I told you I love the bees. This is some of my lavender in my garden. (((HUGS))) and Love to you! Amy


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