An Easter Moment

I extend to all of you a very Blessed Easter Sunday today.  I’ve been hearing about so many who have been contending with illnesses and so much upset within their lives.  Could we all take just a moment of our time today to say a prayer, send a good thought, healing vibes, and Light and Love to those people?  Whatever your “thing” to do is, could we have Faith and Confidence that those who are struggling come into Peace and Health soon.  Thank you!

Happy Easter, dear friends!

MF Macro Photography Handeld/ “An Easter Moment”/April 2017©AmyRose

❤ ❤ ❤

26 thoughts on “An Easter Moment

    1. CM, life has been nuts for me lately with back to back crises and emergencies. It’s gotta slow down, just has to! I’d love to get together with you when I again can breathe. You hang in there yourself! ❤

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    1. Hi, Alexander. I was just working on my next post for today when I saw your comment come in. Yes, this is from personal experience. I did have many comments but I took them off, saving them elsewhere. This post made my husband “crack” and for many days all hell ensued. But, when “reason” returned, he finally SAW something he has never seen before. The TRUTH. I’ve discovered that all these years of trying to assist him orally has not helped. He understands better with the written word. For the first time ever, he has begun HIS healing journey of the nightmare he suffers every Spring. Now he knows what this does to me and because of this knowledge, he is determined not to allow his demons to destroy him again. Thank you for reading. I SO appreciate your feedback. I just want to live to see the day when this man finally lets go of Nam and learns to live life again. Much Love, ❤


      1. Amy, I am sorry for returning you to that matter but this post could not leave me indifferent. It seems to me you guys both experience the horror of the situation. It is really pity to know your husband still is in that nightmare. However you are the Wise Woman and Wife and found the right way to resolve the problem. Hopefully, it gives you both relief.
        Sorry again. God bless you.

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      2. Alexander, I did not take the comments off because of me. No. I thought it best that only the story written in the third person stay on as published out of respect for my husband. The opportunity for me to unleash the pain within me in turn helped my husband in ways never before seen. Every single comment meant the world to me because in this world not many support Vets’ families. We for the most part walk a very solitary path. If healing is to be, it must be addressed and I for one am no longer willing to hide the facts. Know you did not upset me. No. Just the opposite knowing that you care. God bless YOU! ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. This one I had not seen.. As I was busy with family too at Easter.. 🙂 and spent time in the garden.. 🙂 and I thank you for your Easter Greetings and well wishes Amy.. You know they are reciprocated .. ❤

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  2. Amy, I remember all that Vietnam horror only from the newspaper, TV, radio but I am shivering even when I am thinking about that. I could not imagine what your husband has experienced and brought this feeling to you too.
    I hope you guys overcome this finally.

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