My World

I do not live in a world of lies, manipulation, greed, corruption, power, or evil. Rather I live in a world of beauty, love, peace, laughter, light, and fun. There I create to my heart’s content freely and with childlike glee anything I wish my life to be. ~~~~ And so it is! ~~~ My … Continue reading My World

I AM She

I am the Wall where written it is, This is where abuse shall end. I am the Heart where written it is, This is where abuse knows Love. Here-in lies my Purpose to anchor Love where there is none. ~Amy~ Photography/Poetry ©Amy Skalski (Dedicated to my parents.) Continue reading I AM She


There is a place in you where the strength of God abides. –Foundation for Inner Peace– **Life for me has been on the challenge scale of late, so when I read this, my Soul, smiled. And spoke an audible AH-H-H! I share this with you all, for this Truth, no matter the circumstances, stands ready … Continue reading Peace

Just Be Yourself

To be who you are is to be enough, To share who you are is to share enough. To do what you love is to do enough. There is no race to win and nothing to be proven,  only dreams to be nurtured, a self to be expressed, and love to be shared. Never doubt … Continue reading Just Be Yourself