Wake-Up Call

I had a wake-up call yesterday. I have not been functioning at 100%. ¬†Since the huge treble losses I had, I seem to be somewhat on automatic pilot, in a “fog”, and feeling numb. ¬†It’s hard to describe but I’m having trouble feeling “me”. ¬†I’m “in there” somewhere but I just am not able to … Continue reading Wake-Up Call

Card In Mail

The other day, I received a surprise card in the (snail) mail from my husband. ¬†This is not the norm, so yes, it really was a surprise. I couldn’t wait until I was back in the house, so I opened the card in the middle of my driveway, and as I did and saw what … Continue reading Card In Mail


My Whispers is demonstrating the latest in Yoga. It is called, take out yoga mat and bag, put on floor, and take a nap. Ah, yes, notice the FUR on this bag? This bag is a very coveted place in this house. Could I clean the fur off? You bet I could! Would I? You … Continue reading The NEW YOGA