Touch Of Love

This post is a bit different then most here on my blog. While viewing my Gifts from Mother today, I invite you to play the song below, sung by a very talented man. This music will make you float. At least it did me. My images range from the Moon, birds, a baby possum in … Continue reading Touch Of Love

My World

I do not live in a world of lies, manipulation, greed, corruption, power, or evil. Rather I live in a world of beauty, love, peace, laughter, light, and fun. There I create to my heart’s content freely and with childlike glee anything I wish my life to be. ~~~~ And so it is! ~~~ My … Continue reading My World


As humanity collectively holds its breath waiting … waiting … for what is anyone’s guess, so many torn up in fear, the natural world goes on as if there is nothing at all wrong. It is with much relief I go to the places of wild that give me sustaining life and refuge outside this … Continue reading Refuge


Many may ask where is God in this world gone mad? My answers to those who do not see …   In the sunlit grasses swaying in the wind   In the innocence of a sleeping cat   Ready to meet you on the Rocky Road   Found in the golden silence of the trees … Continue reading Where?


Fighting back to my last breath I refuse¬†the stealthy dark destroy my Soul nor will I allow deliberate dousing of my Light!   So much in which if I had allowed could have toppled me with great force! But I will not fall I will stand tall so help me God!   My weapons of … Continue reading Revolution


The deliberately masterfully placed decoys — the illusional¬†ruination of today’s world … corruption, chaos, deception, greed … are just only that — decoys. Realizing this as Truth when we take our eyes off the insidious¬†ways of¬†our world and position them on Spirit and Light our True Natures gracefully emerge and as a remarkable result Love … Continue reading Decoys


Mother, I turn to you for¬†help during these troubling times so that I may always keep my eyes on Beauty deep and not on ugly slime. Come to me and take my hand bring Solace to my Soul and Peace to my weary Heart as my Spirit merges with Yours so you and I again … Continue reading Beauty!

Perfect Love

Perfect Love notwithstanding commands all fear to flee for fear cannot exist in the Light of Love ~~~~ Photography/ “Perfect Love” 2016¬©AmyRose I must admit I was being¬†affected by not only personal family difficulties but also the tremendous chaos in this world. ¬†I pulled myself up from the “sinking feelings”¬†to¬†again¬†realize the most effective way … Continue reading Perfect Love

Taking Time (3 IMAGES)

If¬† we all don’t take time in our daily lives to seek Peace Quiet Tranquility how then shall we stay sane in a world gone mad? ~~~~ Friends, I hope the “feel” of this Sacred Place is felt through these photographs.¬† This park has become my Sanctuary.¬† Each and every time I go there to … Continue reading Taking Time (3 IMAGES)


If change is what you want in this world change must first begin with you. This includes to choose to end the blame game and change only what you can — yourself. ~~~~ Macro Photography Without Tripod/ “Change” 2016¬©AmyRose Continue reading Change


This post was inspired and came into BEing when I was conversing with Amy one day recently.¬† Thank you, Amy!!!¬† I know the wording is a bit different then first you saw them, yet, I am sure you will recognize them anyway.¬† I hope you and all who come to Petals this day, enjoy this … Continue reading After

Where Peace Resides

~~~~~~~ If you seek Peace within this world Peace shall not be found For Peace resides in just one place … Within your very Heart. ~~~~~~~~ ¬† Photography/Poem 2014¬©AmyRose (Photo taken at Glen Falls) [Yes, those actual waterfall photos are coming … smile] Continue reading Where Peace Resides