Broken Child

They who hold harsh grudges and condemnation as judges within their angry breasts deny Prince Peace a place of rest as shattered dreams of such strife fight within their war-torn life ~~~~ I honestly “thought” these small “wisdom sayings” were a thing of the past. ¬†I was proven wrong one eve not long ago as … Continue reading Broken Child

Vietnam Wife (3 IMAGES)

Gripping her cellphone, the woman shook so hard with fear, beads of sweat formed¬†on her forehead. ¬†She heard¬†nothing¬†but her rapidly pounding heart and the shrill of her ringing phone. ¬†Please pick up! ¬†Oh God, someone please pick up! Listening … Is he still sleeping? ¬†Listening … Oh thank God, yes! She had just counted the … Continue reading Vietnam Wife (3 IMAGES)


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When will tools of war be put down?

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War Must Cease (9 MACROS)

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All war must cease
for this is not our natural state of being.

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