As you seek Shelter amidst a strong storm Know the Sun will be shining on a near future morn.  Photography/ “Know” 2015©AmyRose 3/26/15 (Photo taken with Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens) Continue reading Know

The Sun and The Moon (2 IMAGES)

On Thursday of last week, hubs and I went to a outdoor Jazz gig. Yes, I took photos of the band but I was given two Gifts by Mother that astounded me. I saw before me the setting sun through some trees and at the same time the Moon high in the sky.

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Three Days Off

Seeing how such glorious weather is here, and I have so many places in mind to go to in order to bring to you Beauty, I am taking today, Friday, through Sunday off from blogging. In so doing, I am off on adventures unknown presently, yet I seek and believe me, I shall find. I have a tentative idea on where I will be headed, yet that all can change in the blink of an eye, if or when my Heart says, “OVER THERE!”

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Words for Thought

The philosopher Martin Heidegger defined a person as an opening or clearing through which the Absolute can manifest. In The Gospel According to Jesus, poet and scholar of comparative religions Stephen Mitchell discusses how the Absolute can manifest through purity of heart, “If we compare God to sunlight, we can say that the heart is like … Continue reading Words for Thought