With one eye on the clock, I was headed towards my Chiropractor’s office. If I hit green lights for the most part, I think I had a good chance getting there on time. When I saw flashing lights ahead of me after crossing a huge bridge that spanned a huge gorge, I groaned. Sure enough … Continue reading Synchronicity


What drama! ¬†The sort I could do without! ¬†This week has been one of those weeks that left me not even knowing my name. ¬†Or to the effects thereof. Our 16-year old Bella had an episode late Monday which left her unable to walk correctly, staggering and actually dragging her legs. ¬†This episode was the … Continue reading Drama!

Wake-Up Call

I had a wake-up call yesterday. I have not been functioning at 100%. ¬†Since the huge treble losses I had, I seem to be somewhat on automatic pilot, in a “fog”, and feeling numb. ¬†It’s hard to describe but I’m having trouble feeling “me”. ¬†I’m “in there” somewhere but I just am not able to … Continue reading Wake-Up Call

Shock Thrice

Dearest friends, again yes again, OH how I ask for prayer from you. ¬†Please. ¬†Please help me. ¬†I don’t know how to put myself together again. ¬†This has just gone too far with three major deaths in less then two months span. My precious Tee who you see here on Saturday the 23rd, the same … Continue reading Shock Thrice

Hold On To Love

I am Heartfully Dedicating this post to two wonderful women whose lives at this present moment have been turned upside down, inside out. Tragedy has struck from out of the blue, leaving both in so much pain.

At times like these, friends struggle as what to say, what not best to say, and how to comfort with Compassion and Love. From my Heart I Gift to MichelleMarie and JeanneMarie the following post, hoping that in some small way, I have lifted a tiny portion of their agony. I send my Love to you as I do my best to relay to you, how very sorry I am for your loss. With all my Love, Amy

[Please only leave comments addressed to MichelleMarie and JeanneMarie who have lossed a Loved one last week, and who are grieving. Thank you.]


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