Why so Glum?

Why so glum, so down, so blue? When I just said good bye To a one whose strangle-hold, Almost kept me from gaining Freedom. I sit here stunned, unbelieving in fact, For I would think I’d be rejoicing Not blue. The empty hole where once was it, Just gnawing deep inside Gaping wide. Yes, Freedom. … Continue reading Why so Glum?

Free as a Bird

Life is amazing in that you just don’t know what is around the next corner sometimes. Yesterday instead of taking my usual route that I walk, I decided to walk in the park that is behind our property. I just KNEW that I was going on an adventure and in that adventure, would find many … Continue reading Free as a Bird

Facing Fear

When you dive deep within to face deeply in its entirety, fear, and you refuse to balk, but instead embrace it, acknowledge it, allowing it be recognized, you not only SEE it, you SEE right through it. For in acknowledging it, fear looses its power over you, having power over you only when it is … Continue reading Facing Fear