Heart Flip (2 IMAGES)

Unable to contain those bottled up tears the sorrowful Heart mourned yet another great¬†loss only to suddenly feel a tickle upon a breeze urging Heart to¬†flip to see the Truth … Truth that each and all are special and Loved and are perfect just as is … and so the Heart again smiled ~~~~ Photography/ … Continue reading Heart Flip (2 IMAGES)

This Dream

Lost in this dream of russet colors with tears smarting the eyes knowing full well this dream ¬† ¬†comes to an end upon Mother’s next breath of cold and¬†frost and bite that replaces¬†this dream with yet another this one encased in white ~~~ Info: ¬†Canon 6D, ISO 100, F/5.6, SS 1/15s, FL 105mm, 11-1-16, 5:51pm … Continue reading This Dream

Wheel Of Time

The Wheel of Time stops for none as¬†with each change of the spokes Seasons come, and they go perpetual revolutions within all of Life ~~~ Photography/ “Wheel Of Time” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com As is most evident from the sky in this photograph, it is chilly here in WNY. ¬†This shot was taken while driving out … Continue reading Wheel Of Time

Rolling Hills

Driving down a country road my eyes seek color scanning this way and that that way and this and when I see the rolling hills I say, “Hubby, stop so I can click!¬†“ Click! ~~~ Photography/ “Rolling Hills” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com [Comments closed] Continue reading Rolling Hills

Splash Of Splats

Even without Jack Frost splash of¬†splats have been exquisitely¬†tossed ~~~~ Image taken with Canon 6D at: ¬†ISO 100, F/5.6, SS 1/30s, FL 70.0mm with UV/Haze and Circular Polarized Filters Photography/ “Splash¬†Of Splats” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com [Comments Closed] I think because color is so sporadic this year, it seems to me to be so much brighter. … Continue reading Splash Of Splats

The Last Tango

The Last Tango The Heart of Life Before the Fall of all the Leaves ~~~~ Photography/ “The Last Tango” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Do you see the Heart? Do you see the trees doing the Tango? ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Do you see what I see? ¬†Is this not way cool? ¬†I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes … Continue reading The Last Tango

Glimmers (2 IMAGES)

Glimmers of color here and there shimmers of Gold in the air cool breeze upon the cheek brings Hope Full Fall within a week ~~~~ Info: ¬†First Image: ¬†Canon EOS 6D, ISO 100, F/4.5, SS 1/10s, FL 73.0mm Second Image: ¬†Canon EOS 6D, ISO 400, F/4.5, SS 1/15s, FL 35.0mm Camera¬†handheld Photography/ “Glimmers” October 2016¬©AmyRose … Continue reading Glimmers (2 IMAGES)


Think twice before you jump to¬† conclusions … ~~~~ Info: ¬†9-18-16, Time 3:24pm, ISO 100, f/9.0, SS, 1/200s, FL 40mm Photography/ “Autumn?” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Hiking a few days ago I peeked through tree branches to see this. ¬†I looked up at the sky and spoke to the clouds, telling them to please keep that … Continue reading Autumn?

A Reminder

A reminder of what is to come … ~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “A Reminder” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com This shot was extremely difficult to get. ¬†It was windy. ¬†The object itself is top heavy. ¬†It took many shots before I captured one that was not blurry. ¬†It was just so unique looking I just had to … Continue reading A Reminder

Ah Choo!

Ah Choo! ¬†Ah Choo! Bless you! ¬†Bless you! Ragweed oh my the wheeze the sneeze … oh tissue please! ~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Ah Choo!” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Photograph taken with my Canon 6D. ¬†My macro is “getting there”. Continue reading Ah Choo!


In gaining confidence BEing ourselves we loose fear to show our Truth regardless of our Season. ~~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Confidence” 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com This photograph of a dormant Rose of Sharon was taken at night with my Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens mounted to my camera and tripod.¬† The dramatic light effect is from … Continue reading Confidence