What drama! ¬†The sort I could do without! ¬†This week has been one of those weeks that left me not even knowing my name. ¬†Or to the effects thereof. Our 16-year old Bella had an episode late Monday which left her unable to walk correctly, staggering and actually dragging her legs. ¬†This episode was the … Continue reading Drama!

The Cable Connector

Seeing this picture, you probably asked, what in the world? ¬†This is not¬†the usual for Amy. ¬†LOL ¬†Now just hold on because a beautiful post is about to unfold right before your eyes all centered around a cable connector. ¬†That is what this picture is for those of you who don’t frequent a gym. ¬†This … Continue reading The Cable Connector

When From Love

Yesterday I agreed to go someplace with Hubby, even though I told him I did not wish to. ¬†Earlier, however, he stated that he wanted to go but that he did not feel comfortable going without me. Instead of a tug of war, “I don’t want to go”, “I do want to go but …,” … Continue reading When From Love

Joke’s On Me

Here IT is what I have been waiting for all these long months SNOW and a lot of it at that! And wouldn’t you know I now have ¬†the worst flu of my life! Joke’s on me! ~~~~ Photography/ “Joke’s On Me” 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com [Comments Closed] Continue reading Joke’s On Me

Standing Your Ground

Make very sure before you stand your ground you have a ground to stand upon. ~~~~~ This photograph is of a frozen creek in Como Lake Park taken yesterday with my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.¬† Because I am still answering comments from yesterday’s post, comments are closed.¬† I also today must prepare to bring Cuddles … Continue reading Standing Your Ground

Eye Of The Storm

For my mother ~~~~~~~~~~ When an unforeseen tornado strikes with ruthless fierce force find the Eye of the Storm to gain sustenance, sanity, and strength and as you do the storm shall rage all about you not able to come nigh as you give feast to your Heart the Beauty around you. ~~~~~ Photography/ “Eye … Continue reading Eye Of The Storm

A Way Will Be Made

Regardless how bleak Life looks and what seems impassable mountains ahead always … always … a way will be made allowing passage ahead. ~~~~~ Friends and Family, my mother survived two very intense surgeries.¬† At this time one daughter is with her, with other members of the family making plans to get to the hospital … Continue reading A Way Will Be Made

Royal Robes

For my Mother. ¬†Mom, may this post bring HOPE to you. ~~~~ Among the Giants of Green Stands Tall and Proud, One, In Her Royal Robes of Red Declaring to all, “I AM my Perfect Self Unafraid of what’s to come Knowing full well My wealth of leaves Will leave me bare As I stand … Continue reading Royal Robes

Eloquent Grace

Complexities are only seen within the human race where upon man with his “brain” takes simple and “What IS” only to make ever expanding problems unlike Mother who ebbs and flows without resistance or drama surrendering with Eloquent Grace to change known as “What Is”. ~~~~~~ Photography/ “Eloquent Grace” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading Eloquent Grace

Spectacular Sunset

Bringing along my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2,¬† I went for a walk on the evening of September 1st after a long day of cleaning.¬† Literally I walked into Magic and OH was I ever happy with myself that I had brought along my camera! During that entire walk I was completely entranced by the colors, … Continue reading Spectacular Sunset

Celebrating Life

(From left to right:¬† Whispers on chair, Max, Cookie, Rusty, and Doodles) PS Consider yourselves extremely fortunate because Whispers does not usually look into the camera. ~~~~~~ What a day to celebrate all that is good and all that is right. Come and join us as we show you how we just BE. ~~~~~~~ Photography/ … Continue reading Celebrating Life